Paula’s Choice Skincare Empties

paulas choice emptiesHappy Skincare Sunday to my Wake Up For Makeup friends! I don’t know about you, but when I’m nearing the end of a beauty product, I feel a certain sense of pride and accomplishment. I pat myself on the back for being so dedicated and sticking with a routine. I am patting myself on the back lately for smashing through these Paula’s Choice products like an age-defying adult.

If you need a refresher on Paula’s Choice, I broke it all down for you here. I’ve been extremely impressed with their gentle yet highly effective formulas at modest prices. For reference, the products I have tried all help to focus on my dry, aging skin type. If you are more combination-oily and/or acne-prone, Paula’s Choice offered a variety of formulas to address all skin types and concerns.

These are the products I’ve used so often that I’m now down to the last precious drops!

Skin Recovery Moisturizer
This night time moisturizer
got me through the winter for sure. It’s mega hydrating and soothing. Now that it’s summer and my skin isn’t as dry, and the tube is nearly gone, I just like to apply it to my neck, an area that is often neglected! I really like that this is a night cream that isn’t packaged in a jar. The tube packaging is much more sanitary as you aren’t dipping potentially dirty fingers into it and introducing so much air to it every time you apply.

Clinical 1% Retinol
This retinol treatment
has replaced all others for me. I tried going back to this one, but quickly realized that Paula’s Choice is still my fave. I love the consistency, sanitary airless pump and of course the results. I love that retinol not only addresses wrinkles but also my dark spots, pore size and breakouts. If you aren’t using a retinol and are concerned with any of those, put this in your cart right now. You won’t find a better 1% retinol treatment for $55. Read more on why I love myself some retinol here.

Skin Recovery Lotion with SPF 30
I think everyone needs a go-to daily moisturizer with SPF and this has been mine. A little bit goes a long way yet I’m still nearing the end of this tube! I love how hydrating it is, without feeling at all sticky or greasy. I don’t even mess with SPF 15 anymore so the fact that this has 30 is legit. It wears well under makeup too!

I also finished up the Skin Recovery Softening Cream Cleanser and Skin Recovery Toner really quickly but I threw the bottles away or I’d show you those too! I still think about that lovely toner and sigh longingly. Time to order more!

You like what you hear? You can save 20% on any of these products so get thee to Paula’s Choice by clicking the link and your discount will be loaded automatically for you. You can also enter PRIMP20 at checkout. That would make the Clinical 1% Retinol $44! A small price to pay for people telling you that you absolutely don’t look 31 🙂

This post was made possible by Pretty In My Pocket’s collaboration with Paula’s Choice. Product provided by Paula’s Choice for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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