Perfect Palettes To Give and Receive!

Holiday palette. Limited edition. Exclusive. Must have. Limited quantity. Got your heart racing beauty addicts? I know dude. Mine too. I’m a sad ole sucker for a holiday edition palette and they’re among my favorite gifts to give and receive! There is just some sort of magic in opening a beautifully-packaged palette of fresh, vibrant shades. All the untapped possibilities, the looks you can create, the textures and the finishes and the pigment, oh my! Ok, am I totally talking about palettes like drugs? Yeah, that’s me.

SO! OMG, I’ve realized I say the word “so” far too often. Anyhow! Here are my picks of the best palettes of the season. Skip dee doodle dah over to my main girl Divine Caroline for the full article and product info!

Pefect Palettes-graphic

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