Physician’s Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer Review

I’ve been really into illuminating primers lately, both on my clients and myself. These primers add a subtle layer of radiance that peeks through, looking natural, dewy and luminous.

I recently grabbed the and found it to be some real ethereal goodness that I just had to share with you.
Before we do that, are you wondering if you actually need an illuminating primer in your life? Well, I can answer that for you. The answer is yes, you probably do.

I like skin to have a healthy luminosity to it and these types of primers help to achieve that in a subtle way, no blinding highlights or strobing needed. I especially love this look on brides and those with dry skin.

How would one use ? Easy!
Just apply after your skincare, prior to foundation. You can also mix a pump directly into your foundation (or tinted moisturizer, BB cream, what have you) or press a bit on top for a highlight too!

The  seriously has so much going for it.
I absolutely love that it’s fragrance-free, plus paraben-free and gluten-free on top of that. It contains antioxidants, something called filtering pearls and everyone’s favorite-optical blurring agents.

Simply put, is a $13 dupe for pricier alternatives like the $38  and the also $38 .
Don’t get me wrong; I love both of those primers too, but I also love having an extra $25 in my bank account.

Do I recommend the ?
Oh you already know. Hell yeah. I love this and it’s a great value.








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