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When I worked at Sephora, I learned how powerful scent can be. The same scent could cause one person’s eyes to light up while causing another to gag. I learned about top, middle and bottom notes and that people like change up their scent based on their mood, their outfit, the occasion. Truth be told, I have always been a one and done scent girl. If there’s one thing that’s for certain about scent, it’s that it’s super personal. That is why I’ve always found fragrance a peculiar gift to give, unless you know the recipient really well. There’s a brand called PINROSE that totally gets this.
pinrose-parfumPINROSE is a San Francisco-based company founded by friends Erika Shumate and Christine Luby. Just reading that they bonded over their love of the 1996 Chicago Bulls had me sold. Uh ladies? I too dreamed of being a Lovabull. Erika and Christine wanted to make choosing a fragrance an easy, fun experience filled with “quirky elegance”. They use what they call synesthesia and an online quiz to match you with scents you’ll dig. All PINROSE products are phthalate, paraben, cruelty, and gluten free. YES. Tell me more, right?!

If you’re giving the gift of good smells to someone else, PINROSE’s Best Travel Perfume Ever! Kit is a great place to start. I got to experience this adorable iridescent bag containing 2 of each scent via scent petal, a pre-saturated wipe. I love that it includes 2 so that you can be certain. The only thing it’s missing is a little notepad to write down which you loved and why, a la wine tasting.

pinrose-quiz-resultsBased on the PINROSE quiz, it predicted I’d go for ‘Garden Gangster’‘Treehouse Royal’ and ‘Campfire Rebel’.

It was dead-freaking-on for Garden Gangster and Treehouse Royal. I knew I’d like Garden Gangster based on the description but never guessed I’d love Treehouse Royal and it was one of my faves!

Campfire Rebel smells exactly as they describe but it’s not something I want to smell like. It legit smells like embers and booze. I have zero experience in aphrodisiacs, but I feel like dudes would love this scent on a woman.

A few other notes. #fragrancejokes
‘Gilded Fox’ smells too sweet for me, reminding me of Butter Rum Lifesavers, even though I love those.
‘Cuddle Punk’ was definitely in the sweet category as well.
‘Merry Maker’ took me by surprise. Based on the notes, I didn’t think I’d be a fan but I totally loved it.
‘Pillowtalk Poet’ is a bit too powdery for me, but soft and pleasant.pinrose-bottlesIf you know your recipient well, and want to really impress them, you can upload your own photo onto any of the bottles. Seriously-how cute would my cats look on a bottle?!pinrose-petalsPINROSE has gifting options for every budget, making everyone from your secret santa to your bff jolly.


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