Pixi Glow Mist Review

If a product mentions the word “glow,” I’m already in the checkout line. Such was the case with the  from Pixi BeautyI mean, just look at it. So did the live up to it’s name? Read on..

I thought I’d be maxing this out as a setting spray but turns out, I love it even more for another purpose. When I spray this on before applying a foundation or BB cream, product glides on like magic! Wee! I freaking love using this as a hydrating priming . It’s nice as a finishing spray, but I tend to spray 8,000 pumps on before I get the desired level of “glow” I’m looking for. I’m just a dry-skinned girl wishing for the oily life.

You definitely need to shake it up well prior to use but the spray bottle dispenses flawlessly and despite it containing oils, it doesn’t feel that way. No sticky icky icky.

With all it’s plant and fruit-based oils, aloe and propolis, if you’re dry like me, this soothes and hydrates skin, making it the perfect prep to foundation. If you’re blessed oily, you probably won’t dig as much.

I’ve been dying to try Pixi’s cult status -again that word-as well! I’ve been told it has a rose scent, which I haaate, but I’ll overlook it if it’s legit.

If you want to get your glow on, Pixi products can be found at your local Target or online at ASOS.

I purchased this gem with my own cash monies, late one night at Target.



  1. Jenny

    04/09/2015 at 12:11 PM

    I’m also a huge sucker for anything with the word “glow” in it, so I’ll need to check this one out at my local Target! I have to Glow Tonic and the rose scent isn’t bad at all. It does a good job of lowering my skin’s pH level for my vitamin c and aha/bha exfoliants, but I haven’t noticed any results from using the Glow Tonic alone.

    1. Ivy Boyd

      04/09/2015 at 12:15 PM

      Thanks so much for the info on the Glow Tonic. I’m glad to know the scent isn’t overwhelming. 🙂

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