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I like almost everything does and the Pixi Pretties collabs are no exception. I’ve been impressed with them before and now I’ve got a whole new crew to tell you about. In typical 34 year old fashion, I can’t say I know who all of the collaborators are, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying new and/or reimagined .

These Pixi Pretties collaborations were done with Chloe Morello, Weylie Hoang and Dulce Candy. I knew of 2 of the 3 so I’m getting better!

So, are they any good? Any must haves or should or should you skip ’em all?
Read on, my makeup loving friend, you.   Weylie’s Dimensional Eye Creator Kit
I’ll be honest; I don’t know who Weylie is. That was perhaps a good thing as that I had no expectations going into trying her collab, which includes an eyeshadow palette and double ended liner. The eyeshadow palette contains 6 shadows-3 matte, 3 shimmer.

I won’t make you read too far; the palette is fantastic. It’s one of the best drugstore palettes I’ve ever tried.

I absolutely love the warm, matte shades for the crease and the shimmers are perfect lid colors. Whenever I wear this on my eyes, people always ask about it. The shadows are easy to work with with little to no fallout and I highly recommend it.

The dual-ended liner is a super smart concept, giving you a pencil liner and a felt tip in one product. I’m actually not a huge eyeliner person so I don’t have any strong opinions on this other than it’s handy and versatile.

Plus, at $18, is an incredible value. If you can find this at your local Target, or order online, it’s well worth your Andrew Jackson. I am wearing all Pixi Beauty products aside from foundation and concealer in these photos.

Palette Chloette Romantic Radiance
I’m quite familiar with Chloe Morello and I really like her so I was excited to see what she came up with! This palette is the most comprehensive of the collaborations, giving you shades that function as both shadows and highlighters, 3 blushes and brow powders that can also be liners.The blushes are really nice and I prefer mixing them to create customized blushes, depending on the look. I like that she included a peach, pink and deeper rose to accommodate most skin tones.

The brow powders are ok, but nothing super amazing. They work as a soft, smoked out liner if you like a more subtle effect. Don’t get me wrong; they definitely work in a pinch, especially for travel.

The shadows/highlighters work best as shadows on my skin tones, with Fairytale and Passion (second duo down from the top) being some of my very favorite lid colors. Whenever I wear Passion, the more rose gold on my lids, people always ask me what it is.

My main gripe with this palette is the lack of warm, matte brown shadow to be used as a transition shade for eye looks. While there is a light brown, it’s too ashy for a transition shade for me and better suited to a brow color. A few tweaks could have made this a more well-rounded palette.

I like some of this palette but not all of it.

Lip Icing in Cake
This is a really beautiful, rose gold lip gloss that makes any lip color look so much more special, luminous and just, well, better. I love the color and the formula of this.

For $14, you will have a gloss that transforms your existing lip colors into something more exciting so I definitely recommend it.Cafe Con Dulce Eyeshadow Palette
This palette of 9 cream-to-powder shades is one of the most unique drugstore formulas I’ve encountered. These are so gorgeous as lid colors, inner corner highlights, shimmery blushes and blush toppers and highlighters. With my my pore-heavy cheeks, I avoided using these as shimmery blushes but less textured skin would be fine.

I absolutely adore so many of these colors on my eyelids, especially when applied with my finger for maximum, yummy metallic sheen. The color payoff and formula are both really impressive.

While I don’t think the average person will use all 9 of these shades regularly, they are fun to play with for a makeup enthusiast and the quality of this palette is excellent.

Dulce’s Lip Candy Lip Palette
If you’re not a makeup artist, I really don’t know what you’re going to do with a lip and cheek palette of 9 shades. However, the formula is super lovely, smells good and wears well.
I especially loved the formula on lips. I appreciate the range of shades included, spanning from peachy nudes, to pinky nudes, to coral to red.

I love the soft, blotted off finish of these creams on the lips and find them easy to apply and blend into custom shades, especially as my skin tone changes in the summer.

If you think you’ll enjoy using all these shades, I definitely recommend it. If not I just think the average makeup wearer may not get the most bang for their buck is all.

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Overall Thoughts
This round of Pixi Pretties are again, very impressive. Weylie’s Dimensional Eye Creator Kit is my top pick for sure and the Palette Chloette is my least favorite of the bunch.
Head to your local Target or shop online to grab up these limited edition pretties.

Products provided by Pixi Beauty for review purposes. No financial compensation was received. Post contains affiliate links.

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