Pop Beauty: The Affordable, Awesome Brand You’ve Never Heard of

When I first saw , I thought it had an affiliation to Popsugar. It doesn’t.

Pop Beauty is actually a London-born vegan and cruelty free brand, founded in 2002. Their packaging is recyclable, sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.

If this still hasn’t impressed you, all of their products are $14 or less. To think you’ve not heard of it until now, right?!

I’m so glad they sent me some of their products to try. I’ve been pretty dang impressed.

I want to share the winners with you in this post because I think you’re definitely missing out.

pop beauty eyeshadow palette and makeup magnet mist setting spray
Lightshow Palette, , $12
I’m using the Lightshow palette in this video.

I never really felt like any affordable setting spray actually worked, until now. The sets my makeup quite well.

Does it set as well or better than the tried-and-true ? No, but it’s $12, breaking down to $4.44 per ounce, vs. $8.25 per ounce for Urban Decay.

pop beauty makeup magnet mist setting spray and plump pout gloss
Makeup Magnet Mist, $12,

I was scared to try this because most plumping glosses sting and hurt. The doesn’t hurt a bit! I love a colored gloss like this for a quick swipe of color and shine.

I also think the flat packaging is super smart because it can be tucked into a back pocket without adding bulk. If Fuchsia Freesia isn’t for you, they also have clear, a nude and a red.

, $12

This was such a surprise hit for my work with…men!

It is the perfect matte-finish moisturizer that doesn’t leave a dewy, shiny finish on male grooming clients, while still providing necessary hydration.

I was impressed to see that it includes ceramides and squalane, 2 of my favorite moisturizing ingredients. I put the in my husband’s drawer and though I don’t think he regularly uses it, I can tell when he does!

pop beauty eyeshadow palette, liquid shadow, setting spray and clear plumping gloss
, $14

Pop Beauty Lightshow Palette, Fire Pit

While I don’t use every color in this, like that banana yellow, it’s surprisingly still pretty wearable.

I love the bronze shimmer shades and the glitter will never not be fun. The packaging does feel cheap and plastic, but the shadows themselves are quite nice to work with.

Pop Beauty Flashadow, Crushed Copper

This is one of the few Pop Beauty products that I really haven’t liked. This does not layer well at all, is not very pigmented and creases. I’d definitely skip this.

Nail Glam, $6
L to R: Wine O’Clock, Passion Punch, Marshmallow, Pom Pom

Nail Glam

Pop Beauty’s Nail Glam Polish is 8-free and comes in 24 shades. I’ve been painting my own nails for a while, after perfecting my process detailed in THIS POST. I especially loved the shade Wine O’Clock. It wore well and looked shiny and pretty.

The only thing I really didn’t like is the brush style. I’ve definitely used other polishes that were easier to apply.

If you’re dying to try some of these Pop Beauty products, you can find the line at Walgreen’s and CVS.

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