Post Pandemic Faves: Vaxxed, waxxed, relaxed

I’m bringing back the monthly favorites, because honestly? I miss them.

These favorites posts were as close to journal as I get, and being able to read through previous entries written during the pandemic, I see them as a time capsule of sorts, describing how I was feeling during some pretty heavy, monumental-wait, unprecedented times.

The last favorites post I did was on 10/26/20. That was the same day I found out I had Covid-19 and I haven’t posted a favorites post since. That’s kinda sad!

I am so incredibly grateful to have lived through 2020. I emerged better, wiser, more appreciative and more resilient. I know who I am more than ever and I know that if my business and I can survive last year, there is little that I cannot get through.

The morning after finding out I had Covid-19. I cried a lot, hence the Pixi Beauty DetoxifEYE patches. Praise be.

Ok, I promise; this is not going to be a depressing diary entry. Quite the opposite. Ya girl is fully vaxxed up, with a renewed desire to share the things I love.

4 of the items below can be found at Target, so I haven’t changed too much.

Bliss Block Star SPF 30

If you’re strolling the beauty aisles of Target, in need of a great SPF for your face, grab this one from Bliss. I love the texture, the scent and the silky finish. It lays great under makeup, no pilling or slip n’ slide. *gifted*

Neon Nails

I got more into, and perfected, the art of painting my nails during and after the pandemic. I found that it cheered me up to look down and see a bright color, and especially so when it was neon. I fell in love with the Nails Inc. Naked Neons collection and promptly bought every color. My heart belongs to Knightriders Street.

Flamingo Wax Strips

So easy, your husband can do it. So easy, he actually did.

Jake and I, but mostly Jake, waxed my legs with the Flamingo Body Wax Strips during quarantine. I do think they work best with a partner because it was far harder building up the stamina to do it solo, and removing them at the right angle. The strips were easy to use and not messy. The results lasted a good while too.

Jason Wu Flora 9 Matte Agave Palette

This is what I’m calling the best matte eyeshadow palette at the drugstore. I reach for the Jason Wu Beauty Flora 9 Matte Agave palette often because the formula is really good, the colors are very flattering and it’s just so damn easy to work with.

kitsch towel pillow case

Kitsch Towel Pillowcase

About halfway through 2020, my hair went from wavy on the bottom, to curly on the bottom, wavy on top. It was kinda weird, but I’m into it. So I air dry my hair now more than ever. The Kitsch Towel Pillowcase makes that easier and saves my pillow from moisture.

Are you an air-dryer too? Ok, then you need this.

Glossier Ultralip

This latest Glossier launch is pretty flawless. Glossier Ultralip is a sheer, buildable lip color, hydrating like a lip balm, about 60% of the color you’d find in a traditional lipstick, no fragrance whatsoever, easy and fun to apply. I like ‘Vesper’ and ‘Ember’ for myself, and looove ‘Villa’ on my natural makeup clients.

bo burnham inside

Bo Burnham: Inside

Depressingly delightful, relatable and brilliant, this musical comedy will be stuck in your head and heart alike for days to come. If you lived through 2020, you will relate. I loved it.

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