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Ladies and gents, today is an exciting day because we’re diving headfirst into the world of private label cosmetics. Best part? We’re doing it together! We’ll be exploring Your Name Professional Brands, a company that’s been in the private label cosmetic and skincare game for the last 40 years. They have a robust line of makeup and skincare products and are the birthplace of many of the most successful makeup artist brands on the market today. They carry your basics but are also constantly updating their offerings with on-trend items too.

If you’re not familiar with private label cosmetics, these are products that are ready to be branded and sold under your own personal branding. You may retail them in person and/or online and price as you see fit. This is similar to the way a celebrity might put their name on a line. Ahem, Kylie Lip Kit.

If you’re a freelance makeup artist, a salon or boutique owner, beauty influencer or an aspiring retailer, you should keep reading. I myself fall into the MUA category. When I’m not here writing about makeup, I’m doing it as a working freelance makeup artist, specializing in bridal and photoshoots. Quite often, clients ask to purchase product from me. This is typically after a makeup lesson, and especially after a makeup application for a special event. I had honestly never considered making that an option until my clients created the demand. My clients have even offered to buy my used lip products for touching up on the go so it became apparent that I needed to figure out a solution.

While I have mad respect for those who want to custom formulate their own unique products independently, I am a realist and I know that process is something I simply don’t have the time or energy for right now. For someone who is working nonstop but has the need to retail product, private label cosmetics are a great way to accomplish this. I’ve already learned a ton and have begun to spot similarities in some of the top brands.

There are several private label cosmetic and skincare manufacturers and I researched Your Name Professional Brands extensively prior to agreeing to partner with them. What I found is that they met my multiple qualifications. The products are American-made (no made in China for me!) paraben-free and, most crucial, not tested on animals. Some of their products are even vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free and approved for use during Passover. I love that their manufacturing facilities are located in New York and they have a really comprehensive web site and customer support.


To start the private label experience, Your Name Professional Brands sent me their Best Sellers Sampler in addition to their spring collection and Color Stick Sampler. These samplers are the best way to jump in, figure out exactly what you like working with and what you think your clients might dig too. You can try everything, in your kit and/or on yourself. I did a ton of swatching, smelling (I’m super picky about this,) and formula research. Based on what my clients ask for and what makes most sense for my business, I’ve decided to focus my line on lip products.

From the products I tried, I totally loved using the Waterproof Gel Lip Liners. They applied smoothly and evenly and I knew I wanted them right off the bat. For lip color, their Luxury Lipstick and Matte Lipsticks were really nice, saturated formulas so I knew I wanted those too. I top almost every look with gloss and I find my younger clients especially like it so I chose their Lip Glosses in several shades to round out the selection.


While there are tons of colors to choose from, I am sticking with a select range that I know I’ll use most for bridal and special event clientele. I plan to keep things small and focused to start out, rather than getting completely overwhelmed and stocking every color available.

I’m super stoked to take you guys along with me as we navigate this process together. Now that I’ve chosen what products I’d like to offer, the next step is branding. Check back next week to see what I’m calling my line and how I designed the logo. See mom? I really am using my graphic design degree!

This post series is sponsored by Your Name Professional Brands. Product provided for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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