Purple Eye Makeup

I was avoiding purple eye makeup for a bit. Nothing personal, I just felt more drawn to warm neutrals and sort of forgot about an entire color family.

I go through definite color phases. I will suddenly start noticing a certain shade everywhere I go and feel more drawn to it. Lately, I’ve felt drawn back into the purple light.


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It helps that my makeup artist girl crush Katie Jane Hughes posted the above image that served to reinvigorate my purple eye makeup fire. #biglilacenergy

Who does purple work for?

I think it can work for everyone and here’s why.
Because purple is made up of red and blue, there are shades with more red in them, like plum and lilac, and shades with more blue, like violet and periwinkle.

How to choose the right shade of purple eye makeup

If you have cool tone eyes like me, gray/green to be exact, I tend to look better in the warmer, red-based purples. If my eyes were more warm, brown or golden hazel green, I might choose a cooler, blue-based purple to contrast.

All that being said? Purple is just a great color in general and you can totally choose either red or blue based and still win.

As you’ll see below, I’m using a more red-based purple lilac shadow but a more blue-based violet eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to mix because shades in the same color family create a cohesive, monochromatic look that almost always looks great.

Because my skin tone is a very yellow-undertone, and purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel, it creates a flattering contrast. That isn’t to say if you have a peach/neutral or pink undertone that you should tell purple to peace out. I would just choose more blue-based purples.




I hope you’ll revisit purple eye makeup if you’ve forgotten it as well.
Tthe combination of red and blue, two colors so politically divided, purple is a middle ground that we can hopefully all agree on. In this nut bag world, makeup should be one area that we can still just laugh and have fun.💜💜💜

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