Rainbow Sugar Skull Makeup

Despite my many Halloween makeup tutorials, I’ve never done a sugar skull. I have done it for others, but thought perhaps it had been too overdone to ever do a tutorial. However, after a seriously failed panda tutorial attempt, I decided to go the complete opposite direction. The panda (except that it was basically a dog) was only black and white yet apparently, a lot can go wrong with just 2 colors. I decided to go full force rainbow and create a sugar skull of my own.


I was inspired by the artwork of my friend Sarah Constantino, aka @sewzinski. I also incorporated my love of white henna and put my Morphe Picasso palette to good use. I got this palette at Ricky’s NYC but didn’t use it as much as I thought for Fashion Week. It’s $15 so makes for great Halloween makeup because it’s gon’ get messy. For the white, I used my favorite cream makeup, Ben Nye Creme Colors.


Perhaps you want to think of this more as a gay pride sugar skull, a chakras sugar skull? Whatever makes ya feel good. As always, put your own spin on it too. If you don’t like the white, try black or metallic liner would look super bangin too. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and if you celebrate Dia de Los Muertos (November 1-2), have a great holiday!

Morphe Picasso Palette
Ben Nye Creme Color

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