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1. Tea Tree + Neem Hair and Scalp Mask This winter, I’ve been blessed with an issue I’ve never dealt with before-the big D-dandruff. It grosses me out so much and I’ve been trying to figure out how to eliminate it, naturally. I bought some Neutrogena T-Gel, read the ingredients and promptly returned it. Plus, it smelled like deeeath. This mask smells and feels so nice, is vegan and made with natural ingredients like antifungal tea tree oil, anti-inflammatory neem oil, peppermint and sweet almond oil. So far, so good. I am about 3/4 through the tube and starting to see decreased flakes and oiliness! Yay!

2. The Wet Brush Speed Dry Ok, so you know I already love the original Wet Brush. It detangles better than any brush or comb. So, when I saw this new version, more like a paddle brush in shape and promising 30% faster dry time, into my Target cart it went! It was the only reason I blowdried my hair yesterday and it really did dry faster! Not only that, but it made my long, heavy hair so sleek, soft and gorgeous. It detangles just as well, if not better, than the original and with it’s vented design, curved shape and prongs that resist heat up to 450 degrees, it dries hair faster, better, harder, stronger.

3. Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo I hate every dry shampoo I’ve ever tried. They make my dirty hair feel dirtier and the aerosol cans seem wasteful. The only thing I’ve ever had luck with was straight up Johnson’s Baby Powder. I was totally intrigued by Aveda’s new dry shampoo being that it was not a spray and Aveda is more on the natural side. Ok, let’s be honest-I totally bought it for the way it comes out in a magic poof of smoke. So cool. But I like it. I use it in a preventative way, applying the day before my hair starts to get disgustingly oily.

4. Root Pretty Hair Day Shampoo & Conditioner I love pretty much everything Root does and their haircare is no exception. The shampoo and conditioner smell like Mike n’ Ikes and perform better than my former faves LUSH’s I Love Juicy and Veganese, with none of the artificial fragrances and parabens-yuck. The concentrated formulas go a long way and leave your hair feeling strong and clean and looking smooth and shiny with no residue.

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    04/27/2017 at 1:00 AM

    […] Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner I gave this the side eye at first. Dry conditioner? However, I’ve found this product to be perfect for calming frizz and adding softness and shine after letting my hair dry naturally. It sprays out in a really nice, diffused way that is controlled. You just want to make sure to use it on mid-strand to ends, not at the roots. I talk about their dry shampoo here. […]

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