Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror Review

In makeup, photography, life in general, lighting is everything. I can see a big difference in makeup I’ve done, either on myself or a client, when I had ideal lighting vs. not. That’s something that we can’t always control, unless you arm yourself with the right tools. For my friends who often get ready in the dark, working early shifts, applying their makeup before the sun and anyone else is up, you need an ally. I might have for you. If you follow my Facebook page, this is how I’ve filmed all my Facebook lives. It makes it too easy not to honestly!

Included accessories shown above: easel, 3x magnification mirror attachment, charging cord, iPhone mountThe is made by industry-favorite lighting pro, Glamcor. It measures 10” high, 9.25” wide and retails for $195. The packs some impressive features:

  • An adjustable easel
  • 5 levels of brightness
  • Bluetooth functionality for photo taking
  • iPhone mount for selfie taking, Facebook lives and video recording
  • 3x magnification mirror
  • Rechargable battery
  • Cordless
  • Portable, can be easily traveled with and set up wherever you are


  • Facebook Lives
  • Facetime calls and Skype
  • Filming video tutorials
  • Ideal lighting for applying makeup
  • Reding emails or watching videos while getting ready via the iPhone mount
  • Shooting selfies with the mirrors button for no arms in the shot
  • Perfect lighting for makeup application in ill-lit hotel rooms


simplehuman To compare the to other similar ones on the market, based on price alone, it beats both simplehuman offerings. Their Sensor Mirror Pro Wide which retails for $400 and 8” round for $250. Both feature portability, extra magnification but lack the iPhone mount and photo taking abilities. If you are wanting to use your mirror for Facebook lives and photos, the simplehuman ones just won’t make it any easier.

Vanity Girl Hollywood Now we’ll compare the to the popular Vanity Girl Hollywood’s most affordable mirror. This is regularly $400, currently $300 and does feature adjustable brightness. But, this is not portable and features no magnification, bluetooth functionality or iPhone mount. It offers nice bright lighting and makes more of a statement in a room as it’s more of a permanent feature.

Impressions Vanity Touch Pro LED The most similar option I could find is the new Impressions Vanity Touch Pro LED. The more affordable version retails for $169, or $129 during their Valentine special and the BrittanyBear Bling edition for $199, or $169 during the special. It features adjustable brightness, portability and a rechargable battery like the but lacks the iPhone mount and magnification. I’m a freak so I counted 38 individual light points around the perimeter of the Impressions mirror surface and the , has 54 lights.

It does offer a few things that the does not such as speakers to stream audio and a USB device charger. I’m not sure how the strain on the battery is but it’s a nice bonus to be able to charge your phone while getting ready. I find most built-in speakers don’t pack enough punch for me though I’ve not tested this one. I personally wouldn’t utilize the speaker function as I stream to my Bose while getting ready and it has great sound quality. I would occasionally use the device charger maybe. If you’re using this mirror to record Facebook lives, tutorials and other photo/video content, the lack of an iPhone mount would be a bummer.

I would have also liked magnification with it as I do pluck my eyebrows with that feature on the . It’s up to you as to whether those additional features are worth an extra $30-$100, depending on the special pricing and model you choose DO I RECOMMEND IT?
If you are wanting to film Facebook Lives and tutorials, is an excellent, almost must-have tool to have. It took away all my excuses and makes it not only easy but flattering. I have used to do my makeup in total darkness and it offers clean, bright lighting. The only negative I would say is that the battery does need charged after more than an hour or so of continuous use.

I purchased this item with my own money. Post contains links that will earn me a small commission. 


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