Self Love with ZIIP + CurrentBody

Thank you to CurrentBody for sponsoring this self love focused blog post.

There is no greater, nor more important love, than self love. It is the beginning and the end of all other love. There are numerous ways to care for yourself and I want to share some of my favorites from CurrentBody with you.

As I’ve grown, my self care routine and habits have grown with me. My mind and body’s needs may differ from yours but we can all benefit from simply being nicer to ourselves. That starts with the way we speak to ourselves, the way we speak about ourselves. Talk to yourself like you would a child, or a pet you love.

Here’s my recipe for incorporating skincare into my self love routine:


  • 🚿Take an everything shower: hair mask, exfoliate, shave, wash hair
  • 🧴Apply lotion or oil to entire body while still wet
  • 👘 Get into coziest robe
  • 🚨Grab red light mask, lay in bed and zone out
  • ⚡️Apply conducting gel and do microcurrent treatments
  • 💦Rinse off conducting gel
  • 🧖‍♀️Apply skincare-eye cream, serum, moisturizer, oil
  • 😴Lay back down and take a nap
  • 🥘Wake up and make a delicious meal
  • 🍹Pour a mocktail and enjoy my shows

Here are the details on how I like to get high tech with my skincare with the ZIIP and CurrentBody gadgets.

Micro Current

As a 40 year old with no botox or fillers, I’m so glad I decided to incorporate micro current into my self care routine a few years ago. I use the ZIIP device, which provides a combination of both micro and nano current, separating it from other devices on the market.

You’ll find my my initial ZIIP review with results photos HERE.

I alternate between following the in-app programs and the freestyle mode when I want to space out and watch a YouTube video at my vanity instead.

Trying out the new ZIIP Lips treatment in the app

ZIIP put out a special Lips treatment launching on Valentine’s Day. I got to try it out early and you can see two of my before and afters below.

Better symmetry and small fullness increase at the center.
I focused the device more on the lips themselves vs. around the lips and got better results. I notice more protrusion in the after. I am wearing lip balm.

Red Light Therapy

Not only do many find red light therapy relaxing, it promotes collagen and elastin production and speeds up healing. The CurrentBody LED mask has a 10 minute timer interval, which I find that the perfect amount of time to slip into a zen state. Sometimes, I listen to a podcast while I use my mask but most of the time, I prefer the best sound in the world-silence.

If this image doesn’t scream self love, what does?

You can use your phone while you wear it, but I prefer not to. I encourage you to take advantage of this screen-free time, close your eyes, bathe in the healing light and meditate on a goal.

If you’re interested in the powerful one-two punch of microcurrent+LED, CurrentBody has the perfect set that includes the ZIIP and their LED mask.


This is the most important aspect of your self care to focus on. Few things are more important than proper rest and it’s worth attaining, whatever you have to do to get it.

If falling, or staying asleep is something you struggle with, a sleep mask can make a noticeable difference. You may not realize just how much minor light disturbances can affect your sleep cycle. I personally never sleep without one.

This set includes the Dr. Harris anti-aging sleep mask and CurrentBody LED mask for some pre-sleep relaxation. This set makes the sleep mask only $20, which is a steal.

Extra Discounts

CurrentBody discount code IVY gets you an extra 15% off in the month of February.
ZIIP discount code IVYZIIP gets you an extra 15% off

I hope you’re able to save on a self love gift to yourself!


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