Sephora VIB Sale List

Open your iCal or Google calendar right now. Add , starting August 30th and running through September 4th.

If you’re VIB Rouge, you already know this because you’ve been shopping the sale for 4 days now. However, us plebeians, we have to wait.

It’s ok. I’m a full time makeup artist and beauty blogger and I ain’t even Rouge, honey.
The is great for saving on items you normally get zero discounts on.

The Codes
VIB Rouge 20% off: YESROUGE
VIB 15% off: YESVIB
Beauty Insiders 10% off: YESINSIDER

You can shop the Sephora VIB Sale as many times as you want in store, but can only use the code once online so make it a good one.
If you’re an online shopper, fire up that wine/beer/La Croix/iced coffee, remove your bra, get your credit card out and off we go!

Here are the products I’ve got marinating in my online cart, ready to get 15% off’ed.
Click directly on the item to shop.

I love this formula because it’s exactly what it says, a comfortable matte lipstick. Backtalk and 1993 are my top fave shades.

I have this brush in my freelance kit and every single time I use it, I wonder why I don’t own it for myself because it’s bomb. It applies foundation without brush strokes, the bristles are cut on a graduated angle for easy blending and it feels soft on the skin. The Sephora Pro brushes will always be worth your money (make sure they are the Pro line).

If you have troubles with your concealer creasing and your eye makeup becoming a smudgy mess too, try setting with this powder. It really does make concealer and foundation budge-proof.

I’ve swatched this in the store and I’m really excited to order it during the VIB sale. I love FAB and the fact that award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett was on the product development team for this gives me faith that she gon’ be good. With my slightly tanner Nc20 skin right now, I determined that Fair was the shade I’d want for brightening under eyes. Bone is truly for the most porcelain of skin.

If you got into jade rolling but want to keep being fancy and take things up another notch, try a gua sha. Similar to a jade roller, this is used to stimulate lymphatic drainage and decrease puffiness.

If you read my review, you know that I absolutely love these tanning drops. I use the peach one, Light, but I think the green Medium is what those darker than me might like. I can’t get enough of these for mixing into my night cream and body butter. It gives me a pretty, realistic tan that lasts. It doesn’t stink either.

I kept seeing this on Instagram and I admit, I mostly want it in the hopes that it smells like bananas, which I’m sure it doesn’t. I just love this consistency for eye cream and Ole Henriksen makes great skincare so I trust that it’s solid.

I love my Aquis towel so much. I shower at night and sleep with wet hair because I’m an animal and this is the more civilized way to do it. It really sucks up the water and if I do choose to blow dry my hair, which is never, it takes far less time when I’ve worn this first.

I’ve told you I love the drops so now it’s time to try the water! I’m intrigued by how this lightweight formula works but I know Isle of Paradise makes amazing tanning products so I’m sold.

I never met an AHA serum I didn’t love. This is getting high praise and since I’ve enjoyed other products from Herbivore, now is the time to try it. It’s packed with so much good stuff including lactic, citric and glycolic acid and vitamin C rich Kakadu plum. Ok, plus, it’s gorgeous.

Even though I just told Money Magazine that I don’t think it’s necessary to spend $20+ on mascaras at Sephora, and I don’t, I’m too curious about the rave reviews on this not to give it a go. I love having a fancy mascara for fancy things, but still kick it drugstore for everyday errands.

This one is a no brainer. I have loved Volume 1 and Volume 2 of these so much that there’s no way I’m not getting the fully-loaded, souped up volume 3 honey! I am so excited about the Neo Blush. Are you kidding me? If nothing else, just know that it contains the best contouring powder known to man, please and thank you.

Full disclosure, I think I was attracted to this because I recently found out that after 34 years of saying I don’t like blueberries that I actually love them. The other night I was binging on blueberries at 12:30 a.m. This is my new normal I suppose. While I’m at it, I’ll probably finally try the brand’s beautiful too. Hey, there’s a mini size!

I saw a photo of this applied to one leg and not the other and I was freaking sold. As someone who has chronic, random hives, my legs often look like a war zone. When they are tan and “blurred” I can face the world with a little more bounce in my step. I love Vita Liberata’s , despite them being on the pricier side and the results from this look too good not to try.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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  1. Brittany

    08/29/2018 at 7:31 AM

    Yes! I’ve been awaiting your list of things to buy from this sale! I have also been eyeing up the FAB concealer and the UD Vice lipsticks. I may have to indulge in them even though I don’t currently need a new concealer or lipstick (but can you really ever have enough?).

    On a side note, the entire Sephora brand of makeup and brushes are not cruelty-free. They do test on animals when required by law (example: China). It totally bums me out because I have been dying to use their brushes. I hope they make the move to be entirely cruelty-free in the future!

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