Sephora VIB Sale Picks: November 2018

Ok, remember when we literally just did this? , why you doing this again?
I’m not complaining, I’m just confused because I just wrote a similar post at the end of August.

Anyways, when gives discounts, you just accept them and use them and don’t question it like I am.

I’m always happy to tell you how to spend your money so here are my VIB sale picks for this go around.

Quality tools can last for years to come and the gift sets and holiday sets are always an unparalleled value.

The is also a great time to purchase items from luxury brands like Charlotte Tilbury that you might not otherwise slam your cash down for.

I Tried, I Loved, I Recommend

Want to Try

Great Value

Obviously, you can buy whatever you want but these are just some products I think you’ll get the most leverage out of.

Happy shopping, money saving and makeupping! 

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