Sigma Dry n’ Shape Tower

Whether you’re a working makeup artist or a stage 5 brush hoarder, you know that cleaning brushes is what I assume hell looks like. I use tools to make it a little less awful but when I lay my brushes out to dry, they literally cover every square inch of the bathroom counter in our guest bathroom. Brushes are an investment and while regular cleaning is super important, drying them properly is just as, if not more important for prolonging their lifespan. When water travels into the brush’s ferrule (the metal part), it loosens the glue over time, causing your bristles to shed and fall out. The best way to prevent this from happening? Turn that brush frown upside down! Actually, the brushes themselves, but I wanted to say that. Read on to find out if the Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Tower is the magic bullet.


The Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Tower comes in several size and price options. The one I purchased holds 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes with silicon grippers and elastic bands to wick moisture out for $49. There is a smaller and a larger version. You have the option of adding a fourth level to this to hold a total of 92 eye brushes but I mostly wanted this to dry the denser face brushes. It seems this has replaced Sigma’s former Dry ‘n Shape Mat, which I also own. I like it, but don’t love it.


  • Takes up way less space on the countertop! Because it dries brushes vertically, it maximizes your counter space.
  • This is the most efficient way to dry brushes to ensure all water is drained from the ferrule.
  • Doubles as brush storage
  • Easier to transport all your brushes from the sink to your vanity area or wherever you store your brushes


  • Not all brushes fit. Some eye brushes may be too big, some face brushes too small.
  • It’s somewhat awkward to insert face brushes on bottom tier. It’s easiest to lay the platform on it’s side, hold the brush over the sink and slide up from the bottom. Eye brushes are pretty easy.
  • More time-consuming to load vs. laying brushes on a towel
  • Cannot purchase tiers separately to expandsigma-brushtree-top

With a price point of $39-$59, I do consider this to be a luxury item. However, if you have pricy brushes, I do believe that the best way to dry them is upside down. Few things can do that for you effectively. It could best be compared to the Benjabelle Brush Tree. I ultimately decided on Sigma’s version as it held more brushes for the price. I am glad I purchased it for extending the lifespan of my brushes and ensuring every drop of water is removed but I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have necessarily.

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