Sigma Spa Glove Review & Demo


What is this creepy looking thing, right? Do you wash your face with it? Is it inappropriate?? The Sigma Spa Glove is a textured, rubber glove that retails for $35 and is an effective and thorough way to clean multiple makeup brushes quickly!

If you have a ton of brushes like I do, especially if you’re a makeup artist, this will save you time and save your hands from drying out! I personally got this because my hands got super dry washing the enormous amount of brushes that I have by hand. I also wanted a faster cleaning method because I absolutely, positively dread cleaning my brushes. Do you? It’s the best feeling ever when you have fresh brushes but getting there is a a struuuuggle! I am a big fan of any tool that makes much-hated chores, a little less hated. The Sigma Spa Glove is that tool for me.


There are 2 sides to the glove, one for face brushes and one for eye brushes. There are 4 different sections, or textures for different purposes. You will see the main section in the center for washing, the refine section near the thumb to deep clean more precisely, the rinse section to carry water away and the shaping section in the thumb portion.
The microfiber interior glove is nice for preventing clammy, sweaty hands inside the rubber glove. I haven’t really used it for wringing out brushes, though you certainly could.

Face Brush Side

Eye Brush Side


How to use it

1. First, wet your brush and apply a gentle, liquid cleanser to the center portion of the spa glove. Work the brush into the texture, gently swirling in a circular motion.
2. Next, move your brush to the rinse portion and rinse the initial makeup away. If needed, swipe onto the refine section to further deep clean. Rinse again.
3. Last, squeeze excess water from your brush head by pinching it in the area between your thumb and pointer finger.

See video tutorial below to see how it’s done!

I know some bloggers/YouTubers who were initially unimpressed with what they were calling a “$40 oven mitt” but for someone with tons of brushes to clean, and not a ton of time, it serves it’s purpose and is well worth it. In the winter, when hands are dry, this is especially helpful or if you have a fresh manicure to protect!

Sigma has since released a second version of the glove, the 2x Spa Glove with deeper textures and 2 thumb sides for you lefties! It’s $4 more, but maybe worth it if you’re left-handed. I see no reason to buy the new one as this one works great and I am right-handed.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to any makeup artist or makeup lover’s arsenal. It makes a chore faster, better, harder, stronger and I’m all for that!


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