Skincare Basics


1.) Cleanser
A gentle foaming cleanser will remove both makeup and impurities and allow the rest of your skincare to soak in and take full effect. You can use serums and peels to really treat skin issues but the purpose of a cleanser is to, drumroll please….cleanse!

2.) Serum
Serums are your treatment step. Use these to address your major concerns, whether that be aging, acne or hyper pigmentation. Serums have a lightweight texture, sink in faster and work below the epidermis to treat skin issues.

3.) Night cream
Lock your serum in and hydrate skin with a rich night cream. You skin does the bulk of it’s repair work while you sleep and optimal hydration is key. Now get to work, skin!

4.) Eye cream
Your delicate eye area is especially prone to aging. Don’t let the crows feet and fine lines win! You won’t regret using an eye cream. By the way, whenever I type or say it, it takes everything in me not to say ice cream.

5.) Daily Moisturizer
I think this one is the most basic of the basic but girl, ya gotta moisturize that pretty lil face. Your makeup will go on better and wear longer, you skin will look more youthful and healthy and if you have wrinkles, plump em up with moisturizer and they will be much less visible!

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