SoBronze Self Tanning Review

If you have eyes, you know that I’m pretty pale. When I get tan, I am tan, but when I don’t try to be, I’m pale as a beluga whale. I would never set foot in a tanning bed again because I understand science and I won’t be laying out as I used to do, sans sunscreen, frying my cells away. So what’s a pasty girl to do? Sunless tanning of course! LoxaBeauty sent me some SoBronze by Hempz self tanning products and away I went to tan-land!

sobronze products

Here is what I tried:

Hempz SoBronze Facial Bronzing Lotion
Hempz SoBronze Instant Body Bronzing Mist
Hempz Tinted Self-Tanning Body Lotion
Hempz Touch of Summer for Medium Skin Tones
Hempz Sandalwood & Apple Herbal Body Scrub

Before: Minutes after applying SoBronze tanning products. No makeup. After: 2 full applications allowed to develop. Makeup applied.selftan-helpers

Check out my video for the full review and application tips but overall, I really liked the bronzing lotion and mist. They gave me really realistic, noticeable color with no stickiness, streaking or patchiness. I applied with a tan mitt and aside from the facial lotion having a scent like old, dirty pennies and the body scrub smelling like old men, I was really happy with everything and impressed at the longevity of my tan.

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