Spring Faves

Even though the weather is being straight disrespectful here in Iowa, I guess it’s spring. Spring is actually my favorite season and I love the fresh vibes, new products and longer days. I’ve been attracted to lighter, lazier formulas in beauty products and I’ve also been going mental on cold brew coffee so that’s on here too. In fact, if you follow me on Snapchat, you might know that I had a little incident recently with a Starbucks barista named Ronnie talking me into making my iced coffee a quad and what transpired was me in the bathroom for a beat. Anyways.

1. Verb Sea Spray With not only sea salt but quinoa protein and seaweed extract and kelp, this is the closest us Midwesterners will get to beach hair. I spray it on damp hair, scrunch and twirl random pieces and let it air dry. The texture it creates is so cool. See here.

2. Root Petal Blushing Bronze This is such a unique blush because it’s basically a transformer. Ok, let me explain. Comprised of both blush and bronze pigments, when dusted on, it’s a lovely pink blush but when blended in further, the bronze shows through. It’s the perfect transitional blush for summer.

3. Mizon Pink Beige Jelly Eyeshadow I reviewed this in my Peach & Lily haul and I can’t stop using it. It glides on, dries to a semi-powder finish and never ever creases. The color is the perfect rose gold that I swear would look bomb on anyone. Because you can apply it with your finger, it couldn’t be easier.

4. Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee I always wondered why cold brew coffee was 8,000 times better than regular iced coffee and now I know. Because there is no heat used, the extraction is sweeter, smoother, less acidic and the brew produced has the maximum amount of caffeine. Cold brew coffee has been brewed for 12-20 hours and it’s worth every minute. I drink mine with cream and it makes me feel like I’m about to blast off in a rocket ship.

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