Static Nails Review

I’m not a nail person. I got my nails done for the first time ever in my late 20’s and being a working makeup artist, long nails don’t mix with client safety and sanitation. Once my nails grow past my fingertips, I get super antsy and want them cut the hell off. I do enjoy the occasional gel manicure but those are few and far between these days because it’s just another thing to schedule. That’s what got me curious about these super cool looking Static Nails. I first heard about Static Nails at The Makeup Show Chicago. When I saw their gorgeous prints and designs, I had to try them.

Static Nails are basically high end press-on nails for cool girls. They use a non-damaging adhesive and can be clipped, filed and painted. You can even remove nail polish from them and repaint with no damage. Not sure why you’d paint them though when the designs are so killer. I picked up .
static-nails-shattered-3Static Nails are meant to be as long wearing as you want them to be. You can apply a thin strip of glue down the center for nails that last a day or two or when applied to the nail and artificial nail, they claim up to 14 days of wear. I tested this and though they don’t last nearly that long, they lasted a solid week before any lifting or re-gluing occurred. These are the most secure artificial nails I’ve tried. No wiggles, pulling or hair getting stuck underneath when you run your fingers through your hair.
static-nails-shattered-2The nails were really easy to trim and shape to fit my baby hands. I cut mine down significantly but you can keep the elongated shape if you’d like. I did notice that the foil design on the  design flaked off when filing though. So that was a bummer.
static-nails-shattered-1 are meant to be reusable so once you’re done, just put them back in the included bag until next time. I really love that about them. They are easy and surprisingly quick to apply. When you’re ready to remove them, you can use a little nail polish remover to loosen the glue but I honestly just popped mine off, lifting at the sides.

These nails were a huge hit. The week that I wore the  design, I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my nails. Whenever I handed someone money in a drive through or talked with my hands, someone would exclaim “Omg! I love your nails! Did you do those? Where did you get them done?!”

If you prefer a cleaner more minimalist look, you might like . I am a white marble lover so of course I had to have these. Loving white marble is one of the few “basic bitch” things I do.

static-nails-hard-as-stone-1These look super realistic and I love being able to match my end table. I like these for a more subtle, day-to-day effect.
static-nails-hard-as-stone-2Overall Thoughts
I totally dig . Their comfort, wear time and most of all, designs are unparalleled. They’re amazing conversation pieces and literally anyone can apply them-no special skills required. They are available at and their website.


  1. Melissa

    08/24/2016 at 9:02 PM

    These look awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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