A new long wearing liquid foundation for all undertones-Urban Decay Stay Naked

Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Foundation was one of my go-to recommendations for years. I was definitely a little pissy when I saw they were phasing it out to relaunch it as .

I got over myself real quick though and purchased some to see what was what. I’ve been wearing this foundation for a few months and I’m ready to tell you all about it. Keep reading to find out how compares to the old Naked formula and if it’s a YAS KWEEN or a BOY BYE.

Shade Range

comes in an impressive 50 shades. Not only that, but they’ve broken the shades down in a way I haven’t seen from brands lately, categorizing with both a master tone and an undertone.

The shade 30CG (which stands for cool, green) is a perfect match for me. However, I am never a “cool” tone and definitely fit the “warm” description of green/olive veins and I never burn.

I had initially assumed 20WY or 30WY would be my match, but I’m so glad I tried it in store because that olive green undertone in 30CG is exactly what I needed.


The coverage is described as medium, which I agree with, and the finish as matte. It is matte, and reminds me of in that I don’t have to powder to set it. However, as someone with dry skin, isn’t matte enough to bother me at all, nor appear flat and dull.


Claiming to wear up to be waterproof and wear up 24 hours, while I can’t attest to that, I can say that wears longer than any other foundation I’ve tried recently. I often catch myself in the mirror late at night and think, wait what? How does this still look decent at 10PM? Somehow it does.


The packaging is a unique rectangular square bottle that while it doesn’t feel particularly luxe the way a glass bottle might, it has a smaller footprint for travel, can lay down easily on it’s back or stand up and has a pump just like the Naked Foundation did. It does still contain 1 oz. of product, despite the slimmer profile.

One major caveat I noticed is that you cannot unscrew the pump. Therefore, when you get down to the bottom of the barrel, tough luck. You won’t be able to screw off the top and scrape out the excess.


At $39 for 1 oz. of product, is still right where a prestige foundation should be, in my opinion. I was happy to see it didn’t creep up to $40 or exceed that as so many foundations have. For the impressive shade range and wear time alone, it’s well worth it.

What I liked

  • Diverse shade range and undertones
  • Wear time
  • Finish on the skin
  • Coverage level
  • Vegan formula

What I didn’t

  • Packaging prevents top from being screwed off
  • The description of the cool master tone doesn’t fit me at all despite being a cool shade in the range.

Do I recommend ?

Totally. It’s a bold claim but is easily the best foundation I’ve tried this year and is my new favorite. I can find little to nothing wrong with it and I see now why they launched it because it’s really a winner.

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