Steal These Met Gala Looks

I love the Met Gala for beauty-watching. You can always count on seeing much more avant garde, risky beauty choices and get inspired by the trends for spring/summer. I have a theory that some of the most important beauty trends are born at the Met Gala every year! Here are some of the makeup looks I found most successful and how to steal the looks for yourself!

Rose Huntington-Whitely

When is this woman not stunning, really? I love her oxblood lip, her brushed up brows and contoured cheeks. Grab these to steal Rose’s look:

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer’s hooded eye shape is enhanced beautifully and I always love a pink lip! This look actually reminds me of this one I did last year. Nail this JLaw look:

Jessica Chastain


Jessica C can pretty much do no wrong in my beauty book. She always looks amazing and this look is no exception. Here are some key items for her look:

Karlie Kloss

I’m never surprised when Karlie looks beautiful. I mean, she’s a freaking gorgeous supermodel! She’s sporting the of-the-moment 90’s nude/brown lip color and a subtle peek of color on the lower lash line which I love! Here’s what you’ll need:

Kendall Jenner

Although easy to forget, Kendall is only 19 and this look is perfectly-age appropriate. She has a beautifully symmetrical face and the makeup just highlights that. Here’s what you’ll need for this stunningly natural look:

All photos provided by POPSUGAR. I always check here first for the amazing, close-up beauty shots from all the awards shows!

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  1. LoudPen (@LoudPen)

    05/07/2015 at 11:27 AM

    Fab post! I checked out the fashion from the gala but this is my first time seeing beauty looks up close and personal. Thanks for sharing! And even more thanks for sharing the cheaper options.

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