T3 Twirl 360 Review + Demo

twirl360I really dig gadgets and technology. Is that nerdy? Meh, don’t care. If something makes my life easier, I’m down to clown. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I’m not so great at hair, but I want to be. I’m trying to up my game.

twirl360When I got the chance to try the T3 Twirl 360, I was prettttty damn excited. I knew it did the twirling for you and well, hey, my laziness was piqued.

twirl360This beautiful styling tool-and seriously-is it not exquisite-has 5 speed settings and 2 speeds. It’s made of ceramic and tourmaline, has a 1 hour shut off time and with the push of a button, does the twirling for you, sensing which direction you want it to go via gyroscopic technology. OMG SCIENCE.

Now, before you think I’m the laziest person ever, why would you need a curling iron to twirl for you? Maybe you have carpal tunnel, perhaps you have hella long thick hair like me and a lot of it, or you just find it hard to maintain the correct position the further you get towards the back of your head. My weak ass triceps can only take so much. I was able to create the loose, beachy waves I like with this and it was fun doing it! Should you decide the twirling is just too technological for you, you can use this just as you would a regular curling iron and twirl it yourself or forgo clamping down and use it in a curling wand fashion too.

This is a higher priced styling tool for sure, at $230, but when it comes to your hair, you really should invest in quality tools that minimize damage as much as possible. The only gripes I have with this are the sometimes-fickle heat and speed setting method. There is one button and it isn’t extremely intuitive so it’ll take me awhile to master setting the speed, heat and turning it on and off. The go button placement that activates the twirling is also something I need to get used to as I sometimes find myself fumbling for it.

So I know you want to know more and see this baby in action so please watch the video tutorial I made for yooooou:
Oh! So here’s the best part. T3 is awesome and is giving away one of these babies per week! I would love for you to win one so please check out the sidebar and enter my dears! >>>

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