Tanwise Sunless Tanning Spray Review

IMG_0654Studies over the past decade have shown that I look at least 40% more attractive with a tan. These studies included sifting through numerous summer and vacation photos, mourning the loss of my caramel macchiato skin tone.

I have a brain that is smarter now so I’d never bed tan again in my life. Therefore, I am on a constant hunt for a sunless tanner that doesn’t smell like starchy grossness. A sunless tanner that isn’t sticky, difficult to apply, that lasts and that delivers believable color.

I’ve tried many, always thinking maybe now I’ve found “the one”. I do still really like bareMinerals Faux Tan. I did enjoy the SoBronze line. But now I think I’ve found a sunless tanner I can’t find much fault with. I originally heard about Tanwise from the lovely Cara Brooks over at Makscara. I’m at Sally Beauty Supply often, stocking up on my Ardell lashes, so when I saw Tanwise on the shelves, and at a really modest price at that,  I just had to try it. HAD TO!


  • Price. $11 is a total steal.
  • Texture. Not at all sticky and I can get dressed shortly after applying.
  • Color. Though it does give you instant color, the sunless tan that develops is the most realistic I’ve seen on me. It isn’t at all orange and is believable and rich.
  • Scent. The initial scent is a cherry almond and the self tanner scent that inevitably develops is very minimal. It is the least offensive I’ve found. I actually put this on and ran some errands which I’d normally never do stinking like self tanner.
  • Application. When applied with a mitt, I found it easy to blend with zero streaking. I did exfoliate prior to applying, like a good little sunless tanner.


  • Even though the aerosol spray can can may convince you to just mist it directly on, the best way of applying is with a mitt, hands down. Pun! I tried spraying directly onto my body but found that I immediately had to use a mitt to blend it so may as well just spray directly onto the mitt.
  • Because it gives instant color which helps you to see where you’re applying it, it can also stain white leather chairs, white robes, etc. The bronzer washes off but just be careful!

IMG_0653I haven’t tried the mousse, lotion, face gel or one hour versions but I’m sure they’re baller because the formula is legit. I actually said to my husband, “daaaaaamn, does this sunless tan look good or what?!” So you know it’s good 🙂 


  1. Chelsea

    07/10/2015 at 7:32 AM

    hahaha “damnnnnn does this sunless tan look good or what?” So perf.

  2. Tanya Abatecola

    07/12/2015 at 11:59 AM

    Would love to try the tanning lotion. I’m very light skinned and haven’t found a prouductvthat doesn’t look fake

  3. Sally Beauty Supply Buys -

    07/28/2015 at 9:01 AM

    […] 5. Tanwise Sunless Tanning Spray because it’s the best self tanner I’ve tried. Remember? […]

  4. Angie Peters

    12/08/2016 at 9:39 PM

    Thanks, Ivy! I’m going to have to give this a try!

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