Temptu Airbrush Review

My adventures in airbrushing continue with the Temptu system and their line of silicone-based foundations. In a previous review and demo, I showed you the Belletto Studio machine, paired with their water-based foundations. I loved the ease of use of that machine, but the finish of the makeup was a bit dry and too porcelain for me. I wanted something more dewy, more like the finish of natural skin with life to it. This led me to purchasing the Temptu 2.0 Compressor with the SE-50 gun. Here is my early review and demo.

temptu-kit I am always wanting to learn more and perfect my technique so I took an intro to airbrush class after filming my review with this amazing artist, Danielle Stewart of Beauty of All Faces Artistry. She’s one of the best airbrush artists I’ve ever seen, hands-down. I’ve bet you’ve seen her work on Pinterest!

Shown above: left-before, makeup-free, right-after with Temptu S/B foundation in 003 and 004 applied, Stila Convertible Color in Peony, Stila Liquid Luminizer in Kitten and set with Tarte Amazonian Clay Setting Powder. No brows, eye makeup or lips. Obviously 🙂

Here’s what comes in the starter system. From left to right: Clear carrying case , 2.0 compressor and hose, Temptu airbrush cleaner, S/B starter set, SE-50 gun.
The SE-50 Gun: This feel extremely well made and comfortable in the hand. There is a cup on top for dropping in the foundation and the flow of makeup is activated by both pressing the trigger down and back. This part can get tiresome after a while! My trigger finger will get kinda weary!
2.0 Compressor: I love the size and portability of this. It doesn’t weigh much at all and I like the sleek, professional look of it. It can tend to wiggle on a tabletop surface so Danielle suggested having your client hold it in their lap, or investing in the holster for it. The dial on the front indicates psi and is adjustable.
S/B Foundation Starter Kit: Danielle told me that this kit will last a long time so I’m glad to know that. It has a really great range of shades and you can use the darker ones to practice contouring. Danielle used the Temptu S/B Matte Bronzer though and I really liked how that looked so may need to grab that.

The shades vary from more yellow-based to more pink. 003 and 004 are what I used and they are both quite yellow. The texture of these is totally different than that of  water-based airbrush foundations. Being that they are silicone-based, they have a slip to them, almost oily-feeling. I honestly feel like bareMinerals’ new Bareskin foundation feels very similar to these! But don’t put any regular foundations through your airbrush machine!

S/B formulas like this flow through your airbrush gun much slower than water-based so don’t be surprised if you feel like it’s taking forever! I totally felt that way after using my Belletto! The results are worth the wait though with a natural, skin-like finish and my pores looking far less noticeable as opposed to the water-based look.


I think the results are really natural, which makes sense as airbrush is the finest application of makeup possible. I like to conceal a lot before applying airbrush foundation because I just don’t feel comfortable with any hyper pigmentation or spots showing through, even a little bit. I love the staying power of this and compared to a water-based foundation, the S/B flexes more with facial movements and won’t look dry, cakey or crack in smile lines. I love this on other people, but on my own skin, I still prefer the look of my beloved NARS Sheer Glow.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

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