The 5 Worst Glossier Products

There are two important factors to consider before reading what I believe to be the worst Glossier products.

I’m a Glossier rep who has tried all the Glossier products and I often dislike things others love.

This is simply my opinion and there are far more Glossier products that I sincerely do love.

I just want you to save your money on these ones.

$18, available in 3 shades

Brow Flick

While I am not the ideal candidate as I have ample brow hairs, I still had to try this. I’m not opposed to creating more brow hairs, but the product flows out of the tip too quickly and too much. It creates hair strokes that are always far too thick and too dark. I’ve given it many chances and just don’t find this brow product to be effective.

$18 for full size, $9 for mini

Milky Jelly Cleanser

A lot of people love this cleanser, and well, I’m just not one of them. Despite having a texture that I enjoy, I just don’t find that it works. Whenever I’ve used it, I still have significant makeup residue leftover, thus defeating the purpose of a cleanser that claims to remove mascara.


Zit Stick

While I really like the marker-like packaging and precision application roller ball, I don’t feel that this is at all effective on blemishes. I have used other benzoyl peroxide spot treatments that work better.


Body Hero Exfoliating Bar

The Body Hero scent is so revolting to me that I cannot fathom how there are people who love it. I enjoy a bar soap very much so I wanted to give this a shot. I was so put off by the scent that I immediately held an Instagram giveaway and got it out of my life.

$78 for the set, full size Glossier You fragrance, mini candle

You Candle

The Glossier You candle is part of the limited edition More of You set, thankfully. Now, unlike the previous product, I truly love the Glossier You scent. I wear it often, get compliments on it often and think it’s truly something special. So why wouldn’t I love a candle of the same scent? This doesn’t smell like Glossier You, and furthermore, it smells like burnt plastic. Beyond that, it appears to be a poorly made candle in the way it burns down.

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  1. Shan Brown

    04/12/2022 at 11:27 PM

    Thanks for always being truthful and honest.

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