TheBalm Voyage Volume 2 Review

Going on any exotic voyages this spring/summer? I’m not, but I’m going to pretend that I am with the new TheBalm Voyage Vol. 2 palette!  I loved the packaging before I even opened it up, all the exotic locales giving me dat wanderlust. I’ve been to a few of ’em but not all! Greece takes the cake. Sigh…_MG_1100


The Balm Voyage Vol. 2 palette contains 9 eyeshadows, a highlighter, matte bronzer, two blushes and two lip/cheek creams. It retails for $39.50.


You may recognize this palette from a spring tutorial of mine from a few week’s back. I have been grabbing it a lot for rushed days because it’s such a great condensed collection of products. That’s why it really could be one of the only things you pack for color products in your suitcase.


Now, let’s talk the 3 P’s!

Packaging: Being that The Balm Voyage is marketed as a “travel palette”, I love the slim, streamlined packaging, included mirror and separate section for the cream products. It is cardboard, like many palettes, so don’t expect anything too luxe, but for under 40 bucks, I can deal.

Pigment: While I’ve been impressed with TheBalm products’ pigment in the past, some of the eyeshadow shades in this were just a little lacking for me. The highlighter isn’t Mary Lou-Manizer, but still nice, the bronzer is decent though I don’t think it’s Bahama Mama, but the lip & cheek creams are probably my favorite of all! Makes me really want the How Bout Them Apples palette now!

Price: As with most TheBalm products, I think the value is great. To get 9 shadows, 4 face products and 2 lip colors for under $40 and a mirror in the palette too is really solid.


I hope you don’t mind how I’ve cropped my swatches below. I did it this way for 2 reasons:
1-I just like clean grid lines and 2-I have too much arm hair for public consumption. Ain’t no shame though.


‘Tervetuloa’ is my favorite shadow of the bunch. It’s a perfect peachy, matte brown that I love as a transition color. The other colors are really nothing I haven’t seen before.


I prefer more peachy-pink blushes so Huan Ying is a win for me. I love the lip creams. Be-Vindo and Vitaje are both gorgeous colors with excellent pigment, wear and scent!

I do like this palette a lot, mainly for the face and lip products. I prefer TheBalm’s Nude Dude Vol. 2’s eyeshadow color selection and pigment to this but hey, can’t win ’em all! If you want to see some of the colors on, check out this video.

Product was provided by TheBalm Cosmetics for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. That’s what’s up.

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