Tinted Moisturizer and Body Wash: October Favorites

Hi, welcome to Ivy’s little internet diary, otherwise known as monthly favorites. In October, I celebrated my brother’s 35th birthday in Minneapolis, did makeup for 6 weddings and desperately attempted to navigate mercury in retrograde. I do not live my life according to astrology at all. However, MIR was so bad this round that I realized I absolutely need a heads up next time. I hope you got through it moderately well.

Smashbox Halo Tinted Moisturizer

I’ve mentioned this tinted moisturizer a few times, but have yet to give it the proper praise it deserves, and for that, I am now making amends. If I am wearing makeup, 9 times out of 10, this is on my face. The shade Light looks super yellow initially but is perfect once blended out.

has enough coverage to make me feel better, is easy to quickly apply with fingers, has SPF 25, isn’t too dewy or matte.

It has a built in primer so the wear time is better than most tinted moisturizers, plus it also contains a few skincare ingredients like rose extract, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, goji berries, gold and peptides.

Glossier Monochromes

I thought these new eyeshadow palettes would be a major disappointment. They weren’t; I’m impressed. They are easy to work with, great pigment, flattering shade selections and all in a refillable palette.

I have a full review on the Glossier Monochromes that you can read HERE.

Method Simply Nourish Body Wash

This body wash has the most wonderful scent and it motivates me to shower on the days I don’t feel like it. Sadly, I have those days pretty often. I don’t really think it’s particularly hydrating, but I use it purely for the scent experience.

All right kids. See ya next time.👋👋👋

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