Hold Me Makeup Bag Review

I’m not someone who can easily pare down my makeup for travel. I panic, “but what if I suddenly want to do a purple eye and I didn’t pack any purple shadows?!?” I usually pack my products in multiple little bags, acquired from Sephora sets and free gifts. It’s not the most effective or logical way of organizing makeup for travel but I’ve never really found a better way. The Hold Me Company recently sent me their Angelina Hold Me Bag and I think there might be some light at the end of my makeup chaos tunnel.

The Hold Me Bag is a handmade cosmetic travel bag, made in the US. It’s like a travel bag, brush roll hybrid that holds not only your palettes, lipsticks and bottles but organizes your brushes as well. It’s made of a soft, velvet-like material and has a loose tie enclosure that allows you to adjust it according to the fullness.


The bag’s design was inspirited by a vintage schoolgirl’s book-bag and is lined with a patterned, vinyl-like material that is easy to wipe clean. There are 3 different sizes, depending on how crazy of a makeup traveler you are! I am showing you the largest size, but there is a Middle Sister and Baby as well. There are also varying interior patterns and colors to choose from but all of the exteriors are black velvet.


The flap pocket on the left is nice for compacts like blushes and bronzes. The zippered center portion is where I put palettes and glass bottles. There is an extra fabric piece that helps to separate palettes and is also nice to lay your makeup out on once you reach your destination. On the right is where you can place you brushes and other tube products like mascara and lipsticks.


Material: 7/10
While it’s super soft, it has a crushed velvet vibe that feels a little dated to me. I think it would feel and look more luxe if it were a faux leather instead. A different fabric would also be easier to clean. I love that the interior material can be easily wiped off.

Functionality: 9/10
I think someone finally got the makeup travel bag right. This organizes and protects all your essentials and the adjustable tie ensures that nothing is compressed or damaged.

Value: 6/10
I won’t lie; these are pricy. If you’re used to packing your makeup in ziplock bags, the $85 price tag of the bag shown here will make you spit out your coffee/tea/wine. The Middle Sister size is $75, the Baby is $65. However, I do like these as a gift option. I think the Hold Me Bag is a really unique, special find for the makeup lover who has everything. Would I spend $85 on this bag? No, but then again, my mom says I’m a cheapskate.



  • Ample space for everything you need on a trip
  • Adequate protection for your products
  • Especially love the brush storage and protective flap
  • Adjustable tie is super smart


  • Price point
  • Fabric wouldn’t be my first choice


Product provided by The Hold Me Company for review purposes. No financial compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. C. Nartey

    06/21/2016 at 8:33 AM

    But…. A precious, kind, loving, generous cheapskate! ?

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