How to use the TYME iron + review


The TYME iron is a unique hot styling tool that can be used to both straighten and curl hair, acting as a 2-in-1 tool. It was designed by stylist Jacynda Smith who wanted a faster way to style her hair as a busy mom. It retails for $190 and is made with gold plated titanium plates. The TYME iron is super pretty and kind of looks like a demented flat iron that someone shifted the plates on. 

The TYME iron comes packaged in an attractive white box and includes a protective sleeve case. TYME offers free shipping, free returns within 30 days and a 1 year warranty and will do FaceTime calls with you so that you know you’re using it properly.

tyme-iron-2I have a full demo and review video but here’s the skinny in words.


  • True 2-in-1 tool that makes for easy packing when traveling and saving space in your bathroom drawer.
  • Creates much longer-lasting curls and waves when compared to traditional curling iron. My hair doesn’t hold curl well and my style lasted through an outdoor shoot in 95+ degree weather.
  • Awesome customer support! I love that they will do multiple FaceTime calls until you get it. It took 2 calls for me.
  • Includes protective sleeve, which is nice.


  • I would describe the learning curve as steep. Because it’s a whole new way of curling hair, it’s not something you’re going to be able to nail on the first, nor the second try.
  • When sliding the iron out of the sleeve, I’ve pinched my fingers if I am not holding it shut.
  • The $190 price tag can make you feel bummed out when it’s not something you’ll feel comfortable using for at least a few weeks.
  • It may not be any faster than a curling iron or wand if you have a ton of hair like me. It still took me a while to style my hair and I don’t think it saved me any TYME necessarily.

tyme-curls-sideFinished style on thick, heavy, virgin hair. tyme-fullsideSide view of curls, grey hair in it’s glory.If you’re digging the sounds of all this, TYME is actually having a sale that starts Monday, 7/18. Promo code TYME20 gets you 20% off site wide!

Product provided for review purposes. No financial compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.

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