Vegamour GRO Lash Serum Review

Beginning in 2019, I started using Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum. It worked incredibly well for me. My eye lashes grew the longest they’d ever been and people asked me at least once a day if they were real. I’m telling you; my lashes and I were living the dream.

When using GrandeLASH serum, I experienced no irritation, wasn’t bothered by lash line discoloration and saw no change in my eye color. It was easy to apply every night before bed and I assumed I’d use it until the end of time. Me and Grande against the world.

All the while, I was treating severe melasma. I paid $2500+ for a series of lasers and prescription topicals in an attempt to lighten this frustrating facial discoloration.

Then, two different people messaged me on Instagram, both familiar with my melasma struggle, with information that stopped me in my tracks.

Lash Serum Hormones

Both people were both told by different medical providers (an esthetician and a nurse injector) about a possible link between the prostaglandin hormone in lash serums and facial discoloration. One of them even said once their source discontinued the use of lash growth serums, her melasma all but went away. That was all I needed to hear.

While I’ve always had some degree of melasma, it was markedly worse after 2019, when I began faithfully using both GrandeLASH and GrandeBROW serums. I have the pictures to prove it. Maybe I’ll post those over on my Instagram if you’re interested.

Beyond the discoloration connection, I’d also been hearing about the possible risk of periorbital fat loss caused by lash growth serums. As someone who already has big eyes, approaching my 40’s and losing collagen by the day, I don’t need that area looking more sunken in.

All that considered, I was definitely open to try a lash growth serum without hormones. Luckily for me, Vegamour had reached out, offering to send me their hormone-free GRO Lash Serum to try.

Instead of prostaglandin analogues, Vegamour’s lash serum uses ingredients like peptides, red clover and mung bean to stimulate hair growth.

Dutifully discontinuing my use of GrandeLASH, I began the sad process of watching my eyelashes return to their mediocre, natural state.

Vegamour Results

I used Vegamour GRO Lash Serum twice daily as recommended. A few times, I accidentally got some in my eyes and it definitely stings. I also experienced some redness and irritation the following day.

The unedited photos below show results after 10 weeks of regular use. The before images were taken on June 30 and I started using Vegamour GRO Lash Serum the following day, July 1st. September 1st marked 8 weeks and the after images were taken on September 14th.

Top before image taken June 30. Bottom after image taken September 14.

When wearing mascara, I initially observed what I believed to be longer lashes. See car selfie below.

However, upon examination of my very clear and detailed before and after photos, I think you can agree, there is absolutely no difference. It’s puzzling as I did feel like it had been working a little. Instead, dare I say, my lashes look shorter in the after images?!

Top before image taken June 30. Bottom after image taken September 14.
Top before image taken June 30. Bottom after image taken September 14.
Top before image taken June 30. Bottom after image taken September 14.

Vegamour Lash Final Thoughts

What I’ve concluded is that my natural lashes are pretty decent on their own. I’d forgotten, having been spoiled by the giraffe lashes that GrandeLASH grew.

While I won’t be returning to GrandeLASH, I won’t be continuing Vegamour either. I think I’ll just do castor oil to hydrate my lashes and brows at night and make peace with whatever that hair decides to do. Let go, and let grow.

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