Verb Ghost Line Review

I finally have a good reason to use an excessive amount of ghost emojis.👻🖤👻🖤👻🖤👻

Verb recently expanded their cult status Ghost Oil into a full line of Ghost products and it is scarily good. My hair went from spooky to sexy. My stands are looking boo-tiful. Look, I can do this all day. 👻

Instead, I’ll tell you why I’m so jacked up on puns.
What I Tried 

Verb Ghost Oil
Verb Ghost Dry Oil
Verb Ghost Hairspray
Verb Ghost Shampoo 
Verb Ghost Conditioner

Ghost Oil

I have thick, heavy hair that is wavy underneath and straight on top. It gets oily quickly and seems to hate excess product so I fully expected the Ghost Oil to weigh it down and feel gross.

I am happy to report that this lives up to its weightless claims. The Holy Ghost is on my side with this and it gives my hair a gorgeous, glass-like shine with no weight or greasy feel. It contains Moringa Oil and maybe that’s the secret weapon.

I don’t know the last time I was this amped about a hair product. It’s my new favorite thing and I think everyone needs some.

I test drove the Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner too. I didn’t notice anything remarkable about these aside from their fresh, green scent, completely clean fresh feeling and zero residue left behind. I really enjoy using them but I am not too particular when it comes to shampoo and conditioner as I have healthy, never color-treated hair.

I have oily hair but dandruff (yeah, I’m awesome) so I felt like the shampoo could be a bit too drying.

Verb Ghost Hairspray

I don’t really have a favorite hairspray. Until now! Like it’s ghostly cousin, this gives weightless hold, leaves hair soft and brushable and the scent is lovely and fresh. I’m into it.

The Ghost Dry Oil, like it’s little sis, has a lightweight feel. It’s nice to use as shine spray but I just use it conservatively if I’ve already applied the Ghost Oil.

If you could only get one product, it should be the Ghost Oil. It’s the best hair serum I’ve ever tried, affordable and gives you ample excuse for copious ghost emojis. 👻👻👻

Verb also makes an excellent hair mask and sea salt spray.🌊See that review here.

I love the price point of Verb products, with everything under $20. The line is cruelty-free of course and free of parabens, sulfates and gluten. I’m a huge fan of everything Verb and I think you will be too.



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