Fun Lipsticks: Vibrant Mandarin


“Oh wow! What a FUN lip color that is!” -Girl working in Starbucks drive-thru
(I think this was a compliment)

I love this red/orange shade from Maybelline’s Vivids collection. Not too red, not too orange, oh so juicy and bright! I can’t wait until my skin is more coffee than cream because I think a tan would just send this color over the freaking top!

Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Vibrant Mandarin

The Maybelline Vivids collection has traffic-stopping shades but the formula and feel isn’t my favorite or anything. A little on the dry side and the smell is meh but for the price? Hello-you cannot beat these for “fun lipsticks.” What are fun lipsticks you might ask? Well, they are the mood-boosting  pick me ups that change your whole damn day when you wear them! I’ve got more to come 🙂 Ok, love you, bye for now!


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