Washing Brushes with the Sigma Spa Mat

So, let me tell you a little story about something I do, that my husband isn’t super fond of. I wash hundreds of makeup brushes, in our white porcelain sinks, staining them with all sorts of makeup grime.

Do I wipe the sink down afterwards? Nope.

So when I saw that Sigma had released this sink-protecting Spa Mat for cleaning brushes, I thought, it’s like they know me! Sigma has been spying on me for the last 3 years and has swooped in to rescue our sinks and my husband’s sanity!brushwashing

The Sigma Spa Mat retails for $32, which is actually cheaper than their Spa Glove. I reviewed the first version of that here. The mat has suction cups on the bottom that adhere to your sink and several sections of texture to rub brushes across to remove dirt and makeup. I think it’s easiest to get your water running, pour your cleanser of choice directly onto the mat and then swirl away!

For washing brushes, my favorite cleanser is Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap liquid. I like the lavender and almond scents but it comes in 8 different ones, including unscented. I love this soap because it’s basically just a blend of organic oils and citric acid, which I find pulls makeup out really effectively.

Once I’ve removed all traces of makeup, I rinse the brush, wring it out with my hand and lay it flat on a paper towel to dry with the brush head hanging over the sink.

Overall, I really enjoy using the The Sigma Spa Mat to clean my brushes and prefer it to the Spa Glove. Unlike the glove though, your hands aren’t as protected from drying out so just remember to apply moisturizer after a marathon cleaning session. This makes cleaning makeup brushes faster, easier, more thorough and less messy! I’m down for all of dat.


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