How to treat super dry skin

Hi, I’m Ivy, I live in the midwest, and despite it’s many positives, in the winter? I’m literally a shriveled up raisin.

I’m a makeup artist. I see a ton of faces. You’re probably a raisin too.

Now, don’t get overwhelmed because I’m not saying you need to do all of these things, unless you want to, or you’re me. These are just some things you could add into your existing routine that will take your hydration to the next level.


When it’s cold, we run the heat, which in turn, zaps humidity, to sometimes criminally low levels. Our only defense is humidity which comes via humidifiers.

I am currently using this one in my bedroom overnight. It works really well and I can definitely tell when I don’t use it. I like that it can run for up to 20 hours and you can add oils if you want. The only thing I wish was different about it is that I wish the cord disconnected from the unit for easier cleaning.

I drive a lot in between appointments so I picked up this mini humidifier for the cupholder of my car. You can put essential oils in it, if you’re into that. This way, I can hydrate on the go, something that could be especially helpful for those of you that are logging some serious car time.

I recently got a facial steamer. Not only does the steam feel luxurious, it’s also hydrating. It would be particularly heavenly for stuffy noses and allergy sufferers so it’s a great thing to have on tap in the winter.

Cream Cleanser

If you’re using a super foamy cleanser, it could be stripping your skin, irritating it before you’ve even stepped out into the elements. I’d suggest the following cream cleansers for their gentler, more hydrating properties.


When it’s this dry and cold, your regular moisturizer alone just won’t cut it. Read that part again. You need to add in a hydrating serum first, ideally one containing hyaluronic acid (draws moisture to your skin). Here are some great options.

Daily Moisturizer

Remember when I said your regular moisturizer wouldn’t cut it? Yeah, about that. Your daily moisturizer probs needs to be amped up and these ones do the job.


So you’ve hydrated your skin, wonderful! However, we need to lock it in. What do we use for that? An oil! These are my favorites.

Rich Moisturizers

At night, a heavier moisturizer will be your BFF as your skin repairs itself while you sleep and you also lose up to 8 oz. of moisture overnight. Here are some moisturizers on the richer side that really lock in moisture.


Mists are great for re-hydrating throughout the day, before and during makeup application. I like to spray my beautyblender with a mist while applying my makeup to add hydration to each step.


Maybe you’re way more outdoorsy than me and you’ve been skiing all day, but even if not, cold winds combined with artificial heat, hot showers and very little humidity create compromised skin. A hydrating mask can help to soothe and rehydrate. Try sleeping in these overnight and wake up with juicier skin.

Lip Treatments

Everyone’s lips are dry right now. It’s hard to keep ’em hydrated so choose a thicker, more jelly-like consistency to lock in moisture. You don’t have any sweat or oil glands on your lips so you gotta do your part. I’m including a lip scrub here because your lip balms can’t penetrate as well with a layer of dry skin there.

Makeup for Dry Skin

I want to challenge you to use more cream vs. powder products.

It’s ok to skip setting powder when your skin is super dry.

Powder highlighters can take a sabbatical because I want you to check out some yummy cream/gel highlighters to fake a dewy glow when you’re actually a damn desert.

If your skin needs moisture, honey, give it moisture! Spray your face between steps with a hydrating mist and at the end.

I hope that one or several of these tips/products helps you out if you’re suffering from extra dry skin right now. I feel ya. I’m right there with ya!


  1. Mel U

    01/22/2020 at 3:14 PM

    I started using a face oil recently. Based on your post, it sounds like I should be putting it on my face AFTER my moisturizer? Add this to my toolbox of things I don’t know the order of. haha 😀

    1. Ivy Boyd

      01/22/2020 at 11:07 PM

      That’s awesome that you’re using an oil! And yes, using it on top will help seal all the other products in. Also, some moisturizers can’t penetrate the molecular weight of an oil so would never reach your skin.

  2. Franziska

    01/29/2020 at 7:05 AM

    thats really helpful.
    last week I started using tea trea oil.
    I think that also helps.
    franzi powder brows

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