Winter Lipsticks


To preface, you can wear any shade of lipstick you like, year-round. I love what iconic makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin says about avoiding anyone that ever uses the words “always” or “never” in makeup.

That being said, during the cold wintry months, I get the urge to be more experimental with my lip color for some reason. If you live in a region that it snows as I do, there is something so pretty about the bright white light snow creates and the dramatic contrast with a deep, dark lip color.

Beyond shifting your colors to deeper or more non-traditional palettes, winter lipsticks should also be more hydrating. Nearly everyone’s lips are subject to dryness from the heat being on, cold winds and zero humidity in the air.

These are the formulas and colors I’ve super into for this winter. More details over at the always fabulous Divine Caroline.

Smooch smooch, kiss kiss!

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