Younique 3D Mascara Review

IMG_4751You’ve seen the Facebook posts, group party invites and tags. I know you have. Promising you 3-D lashes, 400% more length, world peace, etc. You can run from Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, but you can’t hide. I couldn’t hide any longer. Reason? I met one of Younique’s consultants, er, presenters, Emily Elliott, who was so cool, so damn likable, and so freaking down to earth, I couldn’t hate the mascara anymore. Here was my experience.

The mascara is actually 2 separate tubes, encased in a little pouch. The mascara portion is called “transplanting gel” and that name freaks me out a little. While we’re on the topic of names, where does the word moodstuck come in? Would love to know more on the reasoning for that.


First you apply a coat of the Transplanting Gel, then apply the fibers to the tips only as advised by Emily. I believe this modification, vs. sweeping them all the way through the lashes, makes all the difference, then another layer of the Transplanting Gel.


It says you can repeat this process but I had no desire to do that. I liked the results I saw from one application. To my surprise, I liked the results in general!


By only applying the fibers to the tips, my lashes didn’t look spidery, thick, crunchy or crazy. They definitely longer and thicker and I liked the drama it created. The formula was not goopy and the fibers didn’t bother my eyes. The wear was good and I didn’t seem to notice any flaking or smudging.


I wouldn’t necessarily replace my everyday mascara with this, but it’s fun to use for times when you want mega lashes but don’t want to bother with falsies. Younique makes cruelty-free, paraben-free products and I can’t argue with that! So, if you have someone spamming your Facebook feed constantly posting about this mascara, hide them and buy it from a cool person like Emily instead 🙂

Product provided by Younique Presenter. No financial compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own. Post does not contain affiliate links.

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