ZIIP Device Results and Review

I’ve been electrocuting myself lately, and I like it.

For several months, I’ve been using the ZIIP, an FDA approved device that administers both microcurrent and nanocurrent. Founded by renowned esthetician Melanie Simon, the electrical facial device counts Jennifer Anniston, Kim Kardashian and Margot Robbie as fans.

I purchased my device and have been using it consistently for 5 months now. This post is not sponsored but ZIIP generously gave me a discount code to share with you. Find it at the end of this post.

I’ll be sharing my before and after photos and my honest, unsponsored thoughts on whether or not I think the device is worth the splurge.

ziip with aesthetic background

Benefits of Microcurrent and Nanocurrent

Microcurrent technology is not new. It has been used to treat Bells Palsy since the 1970’s and in physical therapy for decades. In fact, I remember going to weekly microcurrent treatments for a pulled muscle during high school track season.

Just as you have muscles in your bodies, you have muscles in your face. Muscles like the masseter, for example, responsible for jaw clenching and my horrible TMJ. These muscles can be toned and tightened, just as the muscles in your body can change with a steady weight lifting routine.

Microcurrent uses electricity to stimulate the facial muscles, and in turn, can result in the following:

  • Softened fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines
  • Improved circulation
  • Visible lift and decreased puffiness, lymphatic drainage
  • Increased collagen and elastin production
  • Increased production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). This is the energy source of the cell, enabling skin cells to rebuild and repair themselves.

While microcurrent can provide instant gratification, nanocurrent can provide longer lasting and cumulative results. I was also sold on the fact that nanocurrent may help inhibit melanin production, addressing pigmentation issues like I have, and could also potentially help TMJ, which I also suffer from.

If you’re at all unsure if microcurrent and nanocurrent is safe for you, please review the Can I ZIIP If section of this FAQ page.

ziip device in case with golden gel and cloth
ZIIP GX with included Kusshi bag, cleaning cloth and conducting gel
ziip device with cellphone showing app
ZIIP GX and the accompanying app


While I may not be able to book a facial with Melanie Simon, through the ZIIP app, she can guide me through one at home, anytime I want.

While you do need to use the app, it eliminates any guesswork and ensures you’re maximizing your time, instead of randomly rubbing the device around your face.

The app is attractive and organized and I’ve experienced 0 bugs. The videos guiding you through each treatment are professionally lit, easy to understand and concise.

ziip app screenshot

Treatment Types

  • Programs: series of treatments over several days, great for beginners or event prep
  • Targeted Treatments: focusing on specific areas of the face: jowls, forehead, brow lift, etc.
  • Full Facials: comprehensive full treatments

I love that each treatment shows how long it takes as I often choose based on the time I have. They range from 2 to 14 minutes.

While a few are labeled as “freeform”, I find that I still just follow exactly what Melanie is doing on screen.

How to use the ZIIP

  1. Start with a clean, dry face. Do not use an oil cleanser because it can block the electricity.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of conducting gel. I know it’s expensive, but do not skimp here. You will experience a slight tingle or zap if you don’t have enough.
  3. Open the ZIIP app and choose your treatment.
  4. Press the center button on your ZIIP device and wait for it to sync up to the app.
  5. Once synced, follow the video prompts until the treatment is complete.
  6. Remove the conducting gel and proceed with your skincare routine.


Because you are stimulating the facial muscles with electrical currents, you may have involuntary little movements, especially around the mouth. Don’t be alarmed. You’ll even notice Melanie’s mouth move in some of the videos.

When using around the eye/brow area, you may see flashing lights behind your eyes. I know that sounds scary, but it’s ok. I find the longer I’ve used the device, the less I notice odd sensations like this.

Do not use if you: have a pacemaker, are pregnant or breast feeding, have epilepsy, or are undergoing chemotherapy.

using microcurrent device
Just ZIIPing away!

Conducting Gels

I purchased the ZIIP GX, which came with the Golden conducting gel. While it certainly does the job, I wouldn’t repurchase this gel. Not only is it the most expensive at $129, but it has a scent I don’t like. Granted, it does have growth factors and 24 karat gold, but I remove this as soon as I’m done with my ZIIP treatment so don’t reap too many longterm benefits anyways.

I’m definitely interested in the Crystal Gel for it’s inclusion of glutathione, or the most economical option, the Silver Gel with it’s finely-crushed pearl.

ziip with included golden gel

ZIIP Before and After

before and after first ziip use
Before and after using the ZIIP for the first time

Changes I’ve Observed

  • Raised brow
  • More visible eyelid space
  • Slightly fuller, more shapely top lip
  • Minimized facial width
  • More awake appearance in general
before and after ziip
Visibly raised brows, fuller top lip, slightly less puffiness
before and after eye and brow lift
More visible eyelid and brow bone space

ZIIP vs. NuFace

After a lot of comparison research, here is what prompted me to ultimately choose the ZIIP over NuFace.

  • ZIIP requires no special attachments for eye and lip area while NuFace does. ZIIP is more expensive but after attachments are factored in, it’s likely the same, possibly less?
  • ZIIP offers both micro and nanocurrent technology while NuFace is only microcurrent.
  • ZIIP has a 2 year warranty vs. NuFace 1 year warranty
  • ZIIP has slightly strong micro current at 400 amps vs. 340 amps on the newest NuFace Trinity
before and after ziip device results
Facial features are more defined on right, top lip slightly more rounded

Is ZIIP worth the splurge?

For me, subtle changes are worth it, especially knowing that I’m prompting my skin to execute natural processes like collagen and elastin production on it’s own.

I really believe that ZIIP is on the forefront of technology when it comes to electrical current benefits for the skin, more advanced than NuFace. I also love that the company is still relatively small in comparison with a working esthetician as the face of it.

I haven’t had a single issue with my ZIIP, but feel good knowing there’s a 2 year warranty if I ever do. I believe the company, the technology and the product is extremely solid.

ZIIP Discount Code

Use code IVYZIIP on the ZIIP site for 20% off. That brings the $495 device to $396 so definitely take advantage.


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    Sharing my journey with the ZIIP device has been transformative! From noticeable skin firmness to a radiant glow, I’m thrilled with the results. Melanie Simon’s creation truly lives up to its hype, making it a must-have in my skincare routine.

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