I’ve been wanting to experiment with special effects makeup for a while now and my sweet husband Jake let me transform him into a zombie 🙂

I am not a zombie fan per say, and the only zombie films I enjoy are the humorous ones such as Sean of the Dead and Zombieland. I tried to watch The Walking Dead once but it was too gross for me because I am a baby. My brother claims that if I’d just give it a shot, I’d love it. I think I’ll stick to transforming others into zombies for now, hehe.
This winter, Jake and I have talked about maybe doing Netflix and getting into The Walking Dead. If I can do so without barfing. I guess you’ll find out if you start seeing some more zombie tutorials out of me.

Oh and I also got super into playing that game Plants vs. Zombies a few years ago, and although I feel very uncool bragging about this, I actually beat the game. Oh my gosh, who am I? Good lord, back to the makeup-quick!

To create this look, I primarily just used a $7.00 “Family Fun” makeup kit from Target’s Halloween section.
It looks super cheesy, but it honestly had everything I needed and since this was my first go at special effects makeup, I didn’t want to invest too much yet.
I can’t seem to find this exact kit I got online but here is a similar one from the same manufacturer (Rubies), with even more colors in it.

The scar wax in the kit was hard to work with at first, but once I got the hang of it, it helped to create some really creepy effects. I found that the warmer it was, the stickier and more difficult is is to apply with your fingers. I’d recommend using a little spatula or plastic knife to layer it on.

The large wound on Jake’s right cheek was created with several layers of toilet paper, glued down with eyelash glue, believe it or not! 
Once I got a few layers down and makeup applied on top, I used sharp tool to cut open a top layer and paint in the blood. Never thought I’d be typing that sentence, haha!

I tried to find liquid latex but wasn’t able to locate it locally. I think a tissue pulled apart would work better in layers, however, I’d recently been sick and we were all out of Kleenex so Charmin it was!

If I were to get into this more seriously, I’d probably invest in the MAKE UP FOREVER Flash Color Case  but $100 is kinda crazy town. However, I just love looking at those bright color cubes and imagining what I could create! Maybe someday!

By the time I was done, Jake was legit scaring me! I’d like to try another creepy look sometime.






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