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I want to celebrate TheBalm, throw it a party, send ’em a bouquet of roses. I’ve loved this brand for a long time and it’s sorely underrated. I wish their packaging was more chic, less kitsch, but the products inside are damn good. Not only that, they’re cruelty-free and paraben free too. So let us raise a toast to TheBalm.

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Matte Eyeshadow Palette There are now 3 versions of these all-matte eyeshadow palettes. The pan sizes are generous, the shade selections are perfect and the quality is really great. I have Meet Matt(e) Nude and it’s one of my faves. I used it here. I recently got the new Meet Matte(e) Trimony which is quickly becoming another go-to palette fave.

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer There are now an influx of highlighters on the market but I still love this one best. The only thing I don’t love is that it’s quite soft so breaks easily. It makes a beautiful eyeshadow too.

TheBalm Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain This reminds me of Benefit’s Benetint but it’s cruelty free, easier to apply and doesn’t have a rose scent. I have it on here.

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick These smell like Girl Scout Thin Mints, wear a long time and come in gorgeous, pigmented colors. They are opaque and smooth-applying and I love mixing them together for custom shades. Committed and Charming mixed make a beautiful bridal shade. See my full review here.

TheBalm Bahama Mama Eyeshadow & Bronzer If you want an excellent contour powder and transition eyeshadow shade, this is is.

TheBalm Balm Desert Bronzer Blush This is exactly what it sounds like; not a blush, nor a bronzer. It’s a warm cinnamon shade that I love on cheeks and as eyeshadow. I really like this for people who have natural redness in their cheeks already but still want to warm up their skin tone and add healthy glow.

If you haven’t tried out TheBalm, get on it! They’re moderately priced and excellent quality.

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