Charlotte Tilbury Review

So, I finally dipped my toe into the sea that is Charlotte Tilbury.
I was secretly hoping that I wouldn’t like any of it because it’s definitely in a luxury price point and not in any stores locally for me to swatch.

All items from the Charlotte’s Beauty Universe holiday gift set

I purchased the insanely gorgeous holiday gift set, Charlotte’s Beauty Universe, seeing it as the perfect way to try a multitude of CT goodies. If you get this as a gift this year, you’re in luck. It’s amaaazing

Behold, the most gorgeous advent calendar. The glitter doesn’t shed all over either!

What I Tried

  • Not included in Beauty Universe, purchased seperately.
Eye products included in Charlotte’s Beauty Universe

I genuinely, freaking loved every single one of these eye products.

The Full Fat Lashes Mascara is one of, if not my new favorite mascara.

I’ve been using the Colour Chameleon – Amber Haze on so many clients because the color is just magical on blue and green eyes and the formula is great.

The Eyes To Mesmerise – Jean is the gorgeous, cream shadow formula I’ve been dreaming of. It’s almost fluffy and sets down to be budge proof. The color Jean is such a beautiful light gold and has yet to steer me wrong.

Though I usually prefer a brown liner, the Rock ‘N’ Kohl – Bedroom Black is the perfect texture for a soft smudged out line or for tightening as I like to do.

Charlotte’s Beauty Universe came with 2 full size lip products and both are iconic shades. 

Hollywood Lips – Screen Siren is a classic, blue-based pinup red and the liquid lipstick formula is nearly perfect. Even applied without a lip liner, it didn’t feather and felt really nice on.

Matte Revolution Lipstick – Pillow Talk is the ultimate pinky nude. The formula is a tad too matte for my taste but the color is one that so many people would be sure to love.

Here are the skincare and priming products that came in the Beauty Universe

Goddess Skin Clay Mask
This is a really unique mask because it has clay but hydrates at the same time. It left my skin feeling happy; not dry or tight.

Multi Miracle Glow
I’ll admit; I was initially a little confused by this product. The concept is intriguing nonetheless. I love a cleansing balm but wouldn’t pay $60 for one, however, I love a sleeping mask and when I saw Charlotte use this for a gleam on the body, I couldn’t wait to try it on a model for a future photoshoot.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream
I wanted to hate this because come on; she’s ‘spensive. However, if I could afford to prime every client’s skin with this, I probably would, especially mature skin.

Take It All Off
This isn’t anything exciting but it’s a nice makeup remover that doesn’t sting or irritate. Nothing you have to have, but nice to have.

Supermodel Body
Being that it’s winter in the midwest, I’ve not had the occasion to use this yet. However, for galas and special events, I can’t think of a better way to perk up pale skin and give it some glow/instant confidence. I bet all the Victoria’s Secret models wore this.

Like many luminous primers, this adds instant radiance to the skin, making your foundation appear more luminous. While it definitely has some great ingredients and a lovely effect, it’s a $55 primer and I do think you can get by with more affordable alternatives

Instant Look in a Palette: Smokey Eye Beauty
This palette is probably the most comprehensive I’ve seen. You could easily get by with this for every single day.

If I have any criticisms, I’d prefer brighter blushes and a dark brown instead of a black. If it had those though, I’d probably have to get a divorce from Jake and marry this instead though so it’s probably for the best.

Eyes to Mesmerize-Bette
I love using Colour Chameleon – Amber Haze on my clients but so much that  I know I’m going to run out soon. This is my solution.

Bette is a warm bronze that lights up the blue and green eyes just as well. 
I’m sure Charlotte herself would appreciate me describing it as “the most beautiful little poop emoji shape” when I first opened it. 

Here’s a look I did wearing all the products mentioned here.
I have a YouTube tutorial of it if you want to see how I did it.

I strongly suggest you order directly from Charlotte Tilbury’s site as you get samples like these!

I strongly suggest ordering Charlotte Tilbury products in general because I sincerely loved it all and have been so impressed.

If you’ve been on the fence about Charlotte Tilbury products, now you know they’re totally worth it.

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