8 ways to sleep better for better skin tonight

All the serums, treatments and makeup in the world won’t matter if you’re missing one key component. SLEEP!

While you sleep, your skin repairs itself,
peaking between 9PM and 12AM.

If you’re reading this and feeling sheepish, knowing full well you aren’t even in bed until after that key time, just know that I’m with you. Don’t feel too bad. There’s no time like the present to get that sleep and skin right.

If you want to improve your skin and sleep better, a key to your success is routine. Much like exercise, sleep rituals will take some practice until they become habit.

The following products have helped me to sleep better and enjoy bedtime more. I don’t love it yet, but practice makes perfect.

Purple Mattress

A great mattress is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself if you want a good night’s rest. I researched a ton of mattress styles before settling on a Purple. I ultimately chose this one for it’s unique grid system after realizing memory foam wasn’t helping my hot sleeping sitch whatsoever. Use this link to save $75 off.

I never realized how much light interfered with my sleep until I started wearing my regularly. Even though we have shades, our bedroom still lets in a lot of light via transom windows.

I don’t wake up frequently the way I was, especially in the sunrise hours.

The no-pressure style of the is key because I need to protect my lash lift and tint thus cannot use traditional styles that put pressure on the lashes.

I use this 15 lb more during naps but it’s a great tool for particularly chilly or anxious nights. When I take naps with , they are more like comas. I sleep so deeply, it’s almost scary! In fact, one time my husband had to check on me to verify I wasn’t dead.

If you end up being a fan, you may want to get as well so you can easily wash it.

15 lb weighted blanket for better sleep
Sharper Image Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket

Charlotte’s Web CBD Sleep Gummies

I have been using CBD to supplement my prescription anxiety medication for awhile now. I’m finding it helps to add a boost at night for a faster, easier unwind period.

These CBD Sleep Gummies contain 10mg CBD and 3mg Melatonin, making them a 1-2 punch against insomnia. Plus, I love anything gummy so they are like a little midnight snack too.😋

Tiesta Relaxer Tea

While I do genuinely enjoy tea, I think the ritual of making it also helps to tell my brain that it’s time to go night night. I like choosing my mug, infuser tool, getting my water kettle out. The whole process is strangely relaxing.

This Relaxer tea from Tiesta has been my favorite so far as it’s got your tried-and-true chamomile + lemongrass, blue mallow and lavender. 

Satin Pillowcase

If you have a head of hot, heavy hair like me, or simply a hairstyle you want to preserve while you get shut eye, a satin pillowcase is the answer. The satin will reduce friction and heat and your hair will look far less bedhead-y in the morning.

A satin pillowcase doesn’t absorb moisture the way a cotton one can, so your skincare products will stay where you want them. If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, the satin will cause less friction on your skin as well. Just make sure you wash and change them frequently to prevent breakouts.

One Amazon reviewer shared a great tip of getting a black one for after coloring your hair.

Dentek Mouthguard

It’s the least sexy item on the list but if like me, you suffer from teeth grinding, jaw clenching and/or TMJ, sleeping with a mouthguard may help you too. It prevents you from damaging your teeth but I find it also prevents the grinding, helping me to wake up headache-free. Hallelurr!🙌

Heat Holders Socks

I used to never wear socks to bed and now there’s no turning back. When I wear my Heat Holders to bed, I just sleep better. These keep my feet nice and warm, without getting too sweaty.

Overnight is the best time to use an ultra-hydrating moisturizer like the Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturizer. Your skin loses water overnight so this helps seal it in and wake up with brighter skin thanks to vitamin c and super-hydrators like shea butter and jojoba esters.

I hope that one, or several of these items help you to get a better, more restful night of sleep. Your skin will thank you!

Sweet dreams!💤🌙

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