Amazon Beauty Finds

I know you love Amazon. I know this because you are a person. I also know that you love beauty products because you are here. So I put two and two together, and here we are. I’ve told you about some sweet Amazon beauty finds before here. Don’t worry though; I got more. Here are some of my latest Amazon beauty finds.

Beauty Junkees Eye Makeup Brush Set
I’ve talked about the Beauty Junkees face brushes before so now I want to order these. They remind me a lot of the quality of Sigma brushes, but cheaper. You can score this great basic set for $25.

Brush Egg
I have one of these and I love it. It’s makes cleaning your brushes easier and prevents your fingertips from turning into raisins. Plus, you’ll need this after you buy the aforementioned brushes.

Ice Roller
I looove my jade roller so of course I want to continue to rolling my face in every which way. This sounds awesome and refreshing, especially if the weather ever becomes spring or summer. But that is doubtful. It was like 30 degrees today. Whatever, I’m still getting this.

Conair Anti-static Comb
I really like this for brushing out my hair after I curl it with a curling wand. It’s what I’ve found creates the perfect loose wave look.

Skincare Carousel
I think you can imagine that my skincare collection is OOFC. Out of (freaking) control. I haven’t ordered this yet, but I’mg going to. I tried to order this instead because it was real cute and guess what? All my bottles were too tall. So now I’ll be spending $50 to get something I should have spent $25 on.

Tinkle Razors
I shave my face with these because I have dark hair and too much of it. You should opt for these pee pee sounding tools and not actual razors. Don’t be going all Mach 5 on yourself, ok? Do this instead. I’m going to make a video soon. I’ve been growing out my mustache specifically for this purpose, so you’re quite welcome.

I hope you enjoy your Amazon Prime Time. I always do. Usually because it’s late at night and I forget most of what I ordered until much later and it’s a neat surprise when stuff just shows up. Thanks for reading!


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