Dry Hair Faster with The Wet Brush Speed Dry


It’s hair or makeup looking fly but not both. For me, I think you know that makeup always wins out. Time’s might be a changin’ though thanks to The Wet Brush Speed Dry! I air dry my hair on the regular due to laziness but I’ve been blow drying it faster thanks to this brush and more often too!


I purchased The Wet Brush Speed Dry from Target, where it retails for about $13. I was attracted to it based on it promising 30% faster drying time, which in my unmotivated hair brain, translates to “basically half”. Also, I already love The Wet Brush original for detangling wet hair. I even bought a baby version for my freelance kit if, GOD FORBID, I should have to touch up a client’s hair.


Here’s how I used The Wet Brush Speed Dry and what happened.

1.) I washed my hair, detangled it with the original Wet Brush and put it up in my Aquis Hair Turban while I did my makeup.
2.) I then prepped my hair with Aveda’s Smooth Infusion. This is a product I’ve been trying out and really loving!
3.) Using my Rusk Speed Freak, I begin using my The Wet Brush Speed Dry by brushing through my hair from the bottom. This will be better demonstrated in the video, so watch that if you’re lost.
4.) After about 5 minutes, my long, thick, wet hair is now dry, smooth and straight! As Abraham from Walking Dead would say, “what the bitch?!” How can this be?

To summarize, this brush works. It really does speed up drying by 30%, if not more. Not only does it dry hair faster, but smoother and prettier too. I’m a fan girl.


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