how to prevent concealer creasing

Set it and forget it! Keep it bright, keep it tight! I sound like a concealer cheerleader, rah rah rah! I’m stoked because I think I’ve found the solution to preventing the dreaded concealer creasing. I was chatting with Samantha from Into the Gloss about the best concealers out there and it got me thinking. Even if you use the most baller concealer out there, if you don’t apply and set it properly, it’s going to creep into fine lines and look heavy. So, let’s chat about that some more, shall we? concealer-crease So before a drop of makeup even touches your skin, make sure you’ve given your eye cream ample time to absorb. If not, you’ll have a slip n’ slide situation on your hands. You never want the under eye area to be dry of course but excess oils and moisture won’t help you either. I really like Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer for this purpose. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get down to that concealer business.

APPLY Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer • $12–28 I love this concealer more than any for the under eye area. It’s truly complete coverage as it says, so opaque. It never creases on me and the consistency is easy to blend. It’s ultra high pigment so remember that a lil bit goes a long ways! I use a lot though because I really like that mega-watt under eye triangle. Do what you will.

DISTRIBUTE Real Techniques Triangle Concealer Brush • $18 You can totally use your fingers for this but sometimes I like to be fancy and control the distribution more precisely. This brush’s triangular shape is great for getting right up under the lash line-key for true brightening-and along side the nose-key for visually narrowing the nose! I like to brighten this entire fan-shaped plane under the eye vs. just a half moon. Bringing this entire area forward, vs. just the area under your eye will make your under eye area appear less sunken in, your nose appear thinner and your cheekbones higher. I mean, unless you aren’t into that sort of thing 😉

BLEND A damp beautyblender will press the concealer into your skin, ensuring the product isn’t just chilling on top looking all obvious. It makes it truly undetectable and leaves the brightness. 

SET Now it’s time to set, immediately! Before you even do concealer on your other eye, dip that damp beautyblender into a loose setting powder, look up and press the powder into the skin. By setting right away, it doesn’t have time to crease. If you wait too long and then set it, you’ll just set a big fat crease. I prefer a damp beautyblender to apply setting powder because it really melds it into the concealer vs. a brush that might just dust it on top. The process is fairly simple but timing is really of the essence here! So you better work, work, work, work, work!




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