Target Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re just now realizing that I’m in a committed relationship with , where ya been, sis? I have a highlighted story on my Instagram called Target Runs, I’ve written about Target here and I even filmed a holiday shopping video at my local Target with my husband!

is an ideal holiday shopping destination because

  • 75% of the population lives within 10 miles of a Target! Did you know that?
  • Open late during the holidays!
  • Starbucks. When you just don’t have it in you to shop, caffeine will put it in you.
  • Online ordering
  • Drive-up orders
  • Target circle deals
  • Save 5% off everything with a Red Card.
  • Merchandise for women, men, children, pets and probably even aliens.
  • Lots of cute gift wrap to complete the process. I got some with polar bears on it.
  • Amped up beauty department

Real Techniques makes some of the best affordable synthetic brushes which you can get 3 of with …plus lashes…plus tweezers…and a bag. I also find to be equally versatile and a great value.

Pairs well with: ,

, as I said in my video, is the creme de la creme, the crown royal of Target gift sets. I don’t know when/why Dermstore started a partnership with Targ, but I’m here for it, and I love it. $20 for $100 worth of high end products.

Pairs well with:

I really want that and I also want to try out the new at Target. For $20? I can do both.

Pairs well with:

A silk pillowcase is a great way to keep your hair smooth overnight, espcially for the wild sleepers of the world. Stab a into your bun or French twist for a modern, elevated look.

Pairs well with: Pillow spray, Kristin Ess hair mask

Kristin Ess Brush + Clips

Imagine a so pretty, it lives on the vanity instead of being shunned to a drawer with the peasant brushes. The sectioning clips are key for DIY blow outs or for dividing large amounts of hair when curling. It’s all just oh-so-pretty and exciting to open.

Pairs well with: Kristin Ess wide tooth comb

This wellness gift set has all the ingredients needed for a cozy self care night in. The little jade roller is so cute and I love the sheet mask included in here as well as Skin Food-a winter skin must have.

Pairs well with: cozy socks, eye mask

Stars Above Chenille Lounge Sweatshirt

Well, I just bought my second one of so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

Pairs well with: thermal joggers,

Chi Flat Iron

My last Chi lasted over 10 years. 10 year, people! That’s as long as I’ve been married!! I wish there had been a back when I got it as a Christmas gift in the early 2000’s.

Pairs well with: heat protectant spray

Flamingo Shave Kit

Us hairy girls, we want the power of a man’s razor, with a side of cute and some chic to go along with it. Is that too much to ask? Not necessarily, thanks to Flamingo, a sub brand of Harry’s, which I previously reviewed and currently use. I might be stepping my game up to this though now.

Pairs well with:

Stars Above Sleep Cardigan

So, I don’t own this, yet. No doubt I’m getting one because I’m pretty obsessed with every chenille/fleecy piece that Stars Above has done lately. I also love the soothing lilac color.

Pairs well with: Jammie set

Whether you choose to give or receive, just remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

Oh! Before you go, I’m in the mood to give so make sure to enter my giveaway on Instagram. 3 people will win one of the items featured in this post!

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