Verb Hair Product Review

Surf’s up! Ok, not really, because I have a large body of water phobia, but I’m all for anything that creates effortless, beachy texture in my hair. I love any hair product that allows my already lazy self act even lazier. I recently tried out 2 summer hair-perfect products from Verb and I’m into it.

Not only is Verb a totally affordable price point but I’ve been seeing their products pop up at several salons so the pros are onto them too! The line is cruelty-free, paraben, sulfate and gluten-free, made in California. What’s not to love, right? I have been using the Verb Sea Spray and the Verb Hydrating Mask. I’ll tell you what’s up with both.

verb-seaspray-maskI love the Verb Sea Spray. It of course has sea salt, but also quinoa, sea kelp and seaweed so it’s the next best thing to an ocean for this Midwestern girl. Plus, it’s $16 and for quality haircare, I think that’s an awesome price. Here’s how I use it:
verb-seaspray1. Spray liberally onto damp, freshly washed hair.
2. Scrunch and twist sections to encourage waves and curls to form. My hair has natural wave on the bottom only so I need to work with it more on top.
3. I then let my hair air dry. This is either just around the house or sometimes, driving with the windows down and letting the wind do the work!

In the photo of me, you can see the type of texture it creates. It doesn’t leave hair oily, sticky or heavy feeling. If you choose to brush it out later when dry, it gives the hair nice volume and texture. The scent is a light grapefruit and not over-powering or overly sweet. I also love using this spray on dry hair to give a little extra texture.

I was a little scared to try the Hydrating Mask because I have oily hair and rarely need any sort of extra hydration. However, lately my hair tends to get really tangly, so I gave this a go. I really loved how it made my hair feel, for days afterwards. I felt like it preserved my style and repelled dirt too. It definitely gives some “slip” to your strands which is likely due to it’s silicone content. I know some people, especially curly-haired friends, try to avoid silicones in their hair products so just be aware. I noticed the ingredients aren’t as natural in this one, most are things I’m not sure what they are. It does contain something called Oleifera Seed Oil? It also retails for an affordable $14 so you can’t argue with that!

Overall, I’m really impressed with Verb. I adore their packaging, prices and formulas and can’t wait to try others in the line.





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