Josie Maran Vibrancy Concealer Review

Based on positive experiences with the , and , I was excited to try the concealer, with it’s longass name, .

Described as a full coverage clean , it retails for $28.00 for 0.17 oz. and I purchased it with my own money from .

True to the Josie Maran brand, the contains Argan oil, as well as other natural ingredients like elderberry flower, blueberry extract and raspberry seed oil.

Shade Range: 6/10

With 7 shades, you can’t argue it’s super impressive. Since I wear the lightest shade, Fair, I know there are many pale girls who this will be too dark for.

Pigment: 10/10

There’s no pigment lacking here. It’s very full coverage and a little goes a very long way. I definitely overused it at first. It covered dark circles and dark spots and blemishes with ease.

Formula: 7/10

The isn’t too thin nor too thick. I’d say the consistency is just right for me and on the thicker side if any. I like it applied best with a damp .

The formula is very hydrating, which is a good, but also causes creases, probably thanks to the Argan oil. It contains silicone, which I love in a concealer as it usually prevents settling into lines but it’s still happening with this.

Wear: 6/10

This seems to crease quickly and easily and continue to do so throughout the day, even when set properly. I’ve still yet to find a concealer that wears as crease-proof as .

Packaging: 9/10

This is a traditional flat doe-foot applicator wand in a tube. I always prefer a squeeze tube but this is a standard concealer packaging format these days.

Value: 7/10

The formula and pigment definitely feel high quality but the creasing is just a major issue.

Overall Score: 75%, B+

What I liked

  • The pigment and coverage is super great. No complaints there.
  • The yellow undertones are right on.
  • Hydrating formula

What I didn’t

  • It definitely creases, and pretty significantly too. It does so even when set immediately with powder
  • Due to the hydrating formula, it can cause mascara to smudge as well.

Do I recommend Josie Maran Vibrancy Concealer?

I gauge my answer based on whether or not I would repurchase this. I definitely don’t hate this product but I wouldn’t repurchase. The creasing was problematic for me, even as a very dry person. For someone with mature skin, (I’m 35 for reference), I think this could be a true creasing nightmare.

It’s so tough to find a concealer that checks all the boxes. I want full coverage, no creasing, non-drying but stays put. So far, the one that I feel does all of these things best is still .

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